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DO NOT USE. Cloud computing is about hardware-based services involving computing, network and storage capacities. If a more appropriate tag doesn't exists yet for a web application use [tag:website] instead.

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How to know the individual cost for each of the instances in aws?

I need to know what the individual cost for each is of my 4 EC2 instances this month. But in the billing, I can only see the combined cost for all the instances in a region. Is there a way to know ...
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How to lock a cell per-user for editing in LibreOffice Online Calc

Is it possible to lock a cell for editing for particular user in LibreOffice Online Calc / Collabora Online Calc? (similar question to How to lock a cell for editing in LibreOffice Calc? and Trying to ...
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Unable to Sign-Up and Create a Free IBM Cloud Account

I am here because IBM Cloud support is useless and hope somebody here may have better suggestions. As stated in the title, I want to sign-up with IBM Cloud to try out Watson. I have already created ...
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Amazon Software Bug: MOBI eBook files cannot be moved to Kindle Cloud Reader [closed]

There is an issue with the Kindle Cloud Reader that has been an issue at Amazon for a very long time. The Kindle Cloud Reader was first released in August 2011. I'm posting online so this issue is ...
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export saved Google images into Google photos

How do I import saved images from into Google Photos without downloading them? (From Linux.) Similar to, but different from: How to download all Google Search images ...
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Migrate files from one cloud storage provider to another [duplicate]

Is it possible to directly move files from one cloud storage provider to another, bypassing the bandwidth-intensive step of downloading the files locally and then re-uploading them? In other words, ...
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Is Redmine limited to being installed on your own servers only? No cloud plans? [closed]

I am a current user of Unfuddle and heard of Redmine. I went to their site but I saw that they are offering only downloading of Redmine and installing it on your own server. I haven't seen they offer ...
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Azure pricing scheme [closed]

I want to deploy an app to Azure by using free trial. I read the (almost) whole Terms of Agreement for Azure. If I use Azure free trial and use it without exceeding the limit defined in agreement ...
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Is Amazon music cloud the salvation? Do I "own" the music afterwards?

As far as I understand, at Amazon music cloud for 30 dollars a year you can upload all your mp3 music that you have. Even if you never payed for some of the mp3s, after those uploads, they are ...
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How can I send a Kindle book to the Amazon cloud reader?

How can I send a book to my Amazon Cloud reader from the Amazon page? I remember being able to do that before, but know, I can only do 'Deliver to:' my Android device, my PC or my Mac, but the cloud ...
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What is paid for when using the "free" websites on Windows Azure?

I imagine the (up to) 10 free websites one can run on Windows Azure isn't completely free. When going through the calculator, what's paid for? Assuming the site was simply an HTML5 site with no ...
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Is Dropbox the best choice for hosting a collection of video files? [closed]

I want to share a folder of private videos with another group of viewers. Two schools are twinned with each other, and want to send and view data back and forth. To allow every child to see every ...
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How to download all songs from an Amazon cloud drive

How can I download all songs from my Amazon Cloud Drive? The web interface doesn't provide a Select All feature, and there isn't an Amazon Cloud API like the S3 API. There is the Amazon MP3 ...
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On Demand Cloud Audio Transcription service? [closed]

Is there an on demand audio transcription service that will convert speech to text?
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Saas vs. "Cloud Based Service" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is Cloud vs. Saas vs. ASP? What is the distinguishing factor(s) between these two? Cloud Based Service - You can come use our Cloud to store and manage your data SaaS - ...
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What's the current state of the art about the mythical (or very real, your choice) Web Operating System? [closed]

I remember hearing many times about how it will happen real soon now (TM). So, as of now, what seems to be happenning on the Web as Operating System front? Can you share links pointing to current ...
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What is Cloud vs. Saas vs. ASP? [closed]

I've been working with web applications since the 90s, and over the years I've heard many buzzwords which mean "Host your application on system which is run by someone else". The latest buzzword is '...
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