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Questions tagged [cloud]

DO NOT USE. Cloud computing is about hardware-based services involving computing, network and storage capacities. If a more appropriate tag doesn't exists yet for a web application use [tag:website] instead.

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export saved Google images into Google photos

How do I import saved images from into Google Photos without downloading them? (From Linux.) Similar to, but different from: How to download all Google Search images ...
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How to lock a cell per-user for editing in LibreOffice Online Calc

Is it possible to lock a cell for editing for particular user in LibreOffice Online Calc / Collabora Online Calc? (similar question to How to lock a cell for editing in LibreOffice Calc? and Trying to ...
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How to know the individual cost for each of the instances in aws?

I need to know what the individual cost for each is of my 4 EC2 instances this month. But in the billing, I can only see the combined cost for all the instances in a region. Is there a way to know ...
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