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Working together to achieve a goal.

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Get notified when a shared Google Keep note is being updated?

I have some notes in Google Keep with collaborators. How, if possible, can I get some kind of notification when such note is being updated by someone else? Also third party solutions are fine, since ...
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"Accept change" and "reject change" keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs

Do these not exist? I found it so handy using Lyx for a project recently, to be able to quickly keyboard-navigate and accept/reject, with no mouse involvement. For one thing, Google Docs' navigation ...
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Editing conflicts in browser-based SkyDrive vs. Word application?

When collaborating on documents, I typically use Google Docs as over the years editing conflicts have become very rare. However, for working on collaborateive .docx files, I'm opting to use SkyDrive ...
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How to integrate Beeminder with Authorea?

Over at Academia, it has been suggested to integrate Beeminder with Git services like Github or Bitbucket to gamify academic writing by positive and negative reenforcement. I’m trying out Authorea. ...
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Computing the percent of authorship in a Google document?

I have a Google document where 4 people contributed. Is there any way to get a sense of how much each of them committed, like TortoiseSVN does for SVN repositories?
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Collaborate on a github-hosted markdown file, no login required

I have my blog on GitHub Pages with Jekyll. The .md files are in a public GitHub repo. I would like to be able to add a link at the bottom of a post, something like "Feedback? Suggest changes at link"....
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Sheets: Collaborators inserting their names as values into selected cells

Previous post marked closed due to being unfocused, so I pared it down. Not sure if this is now good enough, if not please can someone comment to explain so I can correct it? I'm trying to find a way ...
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