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Generally, but not necessarily, alongside tag [google-sheets], use this tag when the issue is joining two or more elements into a single element such as with the functions CONCATENATE/JOIN/TEXTJOIN (or CONCAT in Excel) or the operator &.

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How Do I Combine Columns In Google Spreadsheets? [duplicate]

I need to combine multiple columns into a single column, so: one four seven two five eight three six nine Becomes: one two three four five six seven eight nine
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21 votes
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Concatenate several columns into one in Google Sheets

I want to concatenate/combine columns A, B and C into column D as displayed. The number of filled entries in A, B and C will vary over time, so absolute cell addresses cannot be used. What formula ...
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Split content of one row into multiple rows?

I have a table where each row contains data like this: Team name | First member | Second member | Third member | Team description Would it be possible to transform/break this data so that each row ...
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Partial cell formatting with CONCATENATE in Google Sheets

Is there a way to format partially using CONCATENATE in Google Sheets? For example, =CONCATENATE("*", Sheet1!A1, Sheet1!B1), and I want to make the * bolded or blue in color or something else. I ...
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Which of the concatenation options are the best to use?

I want to accomplish the following: string = TEST; cell reference = B2, value = ING; RESULT = TESTING Which of the following options are the best to use?: CONCAT: =CONCAT("TEST",B2) & ...
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34 votes
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Concatenating only filled cells

I currently have a spreadsheet to keep track of scores in a card game. There can be between two and five players. I have the following: | Players | |----------| | Dave | | Paul | | John ...
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CONCATENATE a string with an ArrayFormula

I have the following string in column H and I. H2="http://" I2="aaa" H3="http://" I3="bbb" I want to have a auto-generated J column, which results like: J2="http://aaa" J3="http://bbb" So I put ...
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14 votes
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How do I prepend a string to a column of cells in Google Spreadsheets?

I imagine this is laughably simple but I just don't know what to do. I have a column (A) of cells with strings in them and I want to simply prepend each string in every cell with a web address: A ---...
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7 votes
2 answers

Query Multiple Ranges with Results in Row

I am trying to query five ranges with the results displayed across a single row. To do this, I was using { } with commas separating each range, but it's only giving me the first range in return. ...
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Comparing Unique Values to a Range

I have the following formula =CONCATENATE (FILTER(boxmod!AC2:AC, boxmod!I2:AB=concatboxmod!C2 )) The intention of this formula is to take a range and compare it to a list of unique identifiers on ...
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Concatenating URL with a value to create link, but links only partially work

I have a column of cells in Google spreadsheet with values such as: b2397 b9504 b3333 b8655 bxxxx I would like to combine each value with a URL, for example: ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Remove Count column by repeating rows in Google Sheets

I have a worksheet, 'wi', in a Google Sheet similar to the following example but with an undetermined number of rows: Count | Entry | Description -------|-------|----------------- 2 | ...
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Consolidate columns from a dynamic range into a single column in Google Sheets

How can Google Sheets take a range of multiple columns and rows and stack or consolidate all the non-empty cells into one column? For this case, I want non-unique cells. Also, each cell in the range ...
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Find and place in a column, the first non-blank cell in each row from a range of columns

I'm attempting to create an ARRAYFORMULA that can extract the first non-blank cell value on each row in a range of columns. My latest attempt is this: =TRANSPOSE(QUERY(TRANSPOSE( A2:D6),"select * ...
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Grabbing only non-empty cells from a row range for every row

I have a survey that sends responses into a Google sheet. The raw data that is inserted is messy, so I have another sheet that processes the incoming raw data. One of the things I need to do is: from ...
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If cell y contains any word from range x:x, mark cell y green

In Google Sheets, I have three columns (with different lengths!) Column1 contains firm names (50) Column2 containts firm names (100) I would like to mark a cell in Column1 green (or with a number in ...
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Automatic merging of duplicate cells under common ID

I have data in column A with IDs and a column B with data for those IDs. Right now I have multiple (usually 2-3) rows with the same ID but different data. What formula to use to merge those into one ...
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