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Apply to questions about the choice of optional software settings affecting system performance (eg 'customisation'). Questions about hardware and firmware settings may be better suited to a sister site in the Stack Exchange network.

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23 views how to change the pageBreakColor in "Extras -> Configuration" section?

Is there a way to set the pageBreakColor usgin the Configuration section? sometimes the actual color is not visible in small 13" screens or it looks like grid color.
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Caching assets in website served from GitHub pages

The server for GitHub pages (including mine) sets CacheControl: max-age=600. It means the cache is set to last only for ten minutes, which is undesirable. Is it possible to control this value and to ...
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How to customize the appearance (or not) of Slack blue dot on the system tray

I recently started using Slack and I'm trying to customize it to have some sort of "visual clue" when something is written in a particular channel/channels. For Slack, this will be something like the ...
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YouTube Kids Block List Desktop

The YouTube Kids app currently has a feature that allows blocking of specific videos and channels. I find this feature very useful, however from what I can tell the list can only be managed within ...
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Can Gmail auto track replies of emails when conversation view is turned off?

I know Gmail for some time now allows conversation view to be turned off, thereby ungrouping the emails. However, when doing so, any email replied to leaves no marker at all (as best I can tell), ...
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How can terminal colours on Cloud9 be changed?

I'm trying to use vim via the terminal on Cloud9, and whilst functionally it works perfectly, I can't get themes to work properly. I've tried Molokai and Badwolf (putting colorscheme molokai or ...
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Google removed the Stop Download command from the context-menu of YouTube videos

Google recently removed the Stop download command from the context-menu of videos on YouTube. Reports indicate that videos stop buffering in the background when you pause while others indicate that ...
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Facebook makes emoticons graphical — how to disable this behaviour?

Facebook started turning emoticons used in comments on status updates graphical: How do I turn off this behaviour? Preferably inside Facebook, but otherwise with a user-side script or user-side ...
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How can I make the MediaWiki search field dynamically wider?

At Wikipedia, the search field (when located on the left, in the sidebar) gets dynamically wider if the suggested page name is too wide for the default search field. Does anyone know how to switch ...
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How can I change a LinkedIn group's email digest from every day to every week?

Can I change the email digest for a LinkedIn group to be sent less frequently instead of every day? Being a member of many LinkedIn groups, I get flooded with emails (potentially drowning out ...
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How can I get Gmail to make the default address I'm sending an email from be the same as the To address in a reply?

I have two email addresses that I use with Gmail, let's call them [email protected] and [email protected], the latter is integrated with SMTP and POP. When I want to send an email I can choose which ...
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Can I set the default resolution for a YouTube video?

I'm posting some YouTube videos on my WordPress blog, but they always default to 360p, even though I've provided the &hd=1 parameter. The videos can go up to 1080p if the user selects it, and I'd ...
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How do I get my Facebook notifications settings back?

I recently started receiving facebook notification emails despite having configured against it. I first thought it was a temporary fluke and went to check my settings (Account settings as answered ...
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How do I force YouTube to play videos in their lowest resolution?

Is there any good method that forces my web browser to play all YouTube videos on the lowest definition, even if the video offers a higher resolution?
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