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Confluence is an enterprise-class collaboration and wiki system from Atlassian.

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What happens with an excerpt from a site the user hasn't access to?

Imagine the following scenario: - Parentsite (open for whole space) - Childsite (readable for User A only) Parentsite contains an excerpt from Childsite. User A of sees the site correctly with ...
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Is there a way to create custom reports in Confluence?

My company uses Confluence as a sort of knowledge base. I am a user of the system but not an administrator. We try to encourage people to make entries in Confluence often, to share what they know with ...
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Insert a section that appears only according to user's permissions

When editing a Confluence page, is there a way to insert some text block or section that is only shown to specific users based on their permissions or roles? I know that a workaround may be to split ...
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Is there a macro to list spaces for which a user has admin permissions?

This would be useful when needing to make changes to spaces in bulk or batches. The Spaces List Macro doesn't have a permissions or user parameter.
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Shortcut for Confluence macro settings

When editing a confluence page you can use the open curly brace to get a shortcut menu for the macros. For exampl {Code will select the code macro. If you insert the code macro and double click on it,...
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