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Apply to questions where a quantity of individual means of contact (eg e-addresses or telephone numbers) are associated together for treatment as though a single contact for the purposes of outgoing communication.

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2 answers

How to group chat contacts in Gmail side chat list? [closed]

I have quite a lot contacts whom I chat with. I already installed lab in Gmail which puts the chat list to the right side to have more space. Now I'd like to group the contacts in the online list in ...
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1 answer

Making a Contact Group in Gmail from an email

I received an email with dozens of people in the cc: field. I would like to convert this list of addresses to a contact group in Gmail. Is there a simple way of doing this without writing a script ...
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4 answers

Create Group Email from Labels

When I receive an email from a prospective client in my Gmail inbox, I place a specific label on it according to the query. Is there a way to create a group email easily to send out to all recipients ...
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2 answers

Creating "groups" in Gmail

How do I make a group contact in Gmail? I want to email everyone in the office and have an "office" group that will email all the people in this group.
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3 votes
2 answers

WhatsApp group with hidden numbers?

I know all the the numbers and I need to create a new group, but I do not want that all the members are able to know each other's numbers. Is it possible to create a group in WhatsApp where the ...
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How can I remove certain email addresses for someone in a Gmail contact group?

I just created a group based on an email which worked great but I am trying to figure out how to remove multiple email addresses per person (just within this group list). The issue I have is that ...
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Can I use to email a group BCC by default?

I created an email group in's webmail service. When I email the group, I have to remember each time to switch to BCC to avoid disclosing the group email addresses. I want to know how to ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to cc a personal contact group in Gmail?

I am aware of the way to send a mail to a group of users, by creating a contact list. Is there a way to add all the users to cc in a different email? Say to [email protected] cc my personal group. Drag ...
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Google Admin Groups is changing my email address to my associated gmail account

I am setting up a Group/mailing list in my Google Admin account, and I am trying to add my email address (personal domain), but Google Admin insists on changing it to my associated gmail account, ...
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Delegating my contacts do not show contact groups to other party

I have Google Apps. I have delegated my Google Contacts to a colleague with full editing rights. He can see and edit contacts and contacts remain in the groups I had assigned them to, but he cannot ...
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Editing labels for contacts with multiple email addresses

It looks like the latest version of Google Contacts is not allowing the labels/groups to be edited with the drop down menu anymore - when there are multiple email addresses listed for a single contact....
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1 answer

Group lists in the new Outlook

None of the groups I had previously created in Hotmail are showing up in the new Hotmail Outlook. I have read your suggestions for other people, but when I open People there is no tab on the top that ...
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1 answer

Sending an email to ALL email addresses of EVERY member in a group with new CONTACTS

I used to be able to add multiple email addresses for a single contact to a group label. Now - you can just add the label to the contact and it selects just one email address to use. How do I get ...
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An undeliverable email that I didn't know I was sending

When I forward an email to my contacts group, I get an undeliverable reply for an address that I didn't know I was forwarding it to. It is an address that is not known to me and not visible in the ...
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