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Way to stay on top of who you connect with either through emails, messages or other communication means

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Why do I have to drop into Google to see the names of connections?

I have a Business Plus account on LinkedIn. If I search for a name and they are outside of my immediate circle, all I get is "LinkedIn Member" instead of the person's name. I get that they want me to ...
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Invite email contacts - No one received the invitation

I have a Facebook business page. Recently, I attempted to take advantage of the "build audience" tool. It allows you to upload a .cvs, .txt, or .xml file of email addresses to send an invitation to "...
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Automatically assign names to Zoom dial in numbers

We are organizing a zoom convention with upwards of 300 people attending. We need a way to show names corresponding to dial in numbers. Though Zoom shows a guide to accomplish this here, there is no ...
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Gmail contacts do not work

Might sound silly, but can you explain me that? I add a contact to Gmail using standard view contacts > click at the '+' sign and add an email contact, say john (1st) Dude (last), john.dude@...
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Is there a way to show a contact's nickname in my inbox for GMail?

I really would like a way to show a contact's nickname in my inbox. I don't want to see email's from "John Smith", I really want to see emails from "<nickname>". How can I change this behavior? ...
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Yahoo Bizmail import contacts list into email clients

My company has signed up with Yahoo Business Email. Everyone in my company is assigned an email address [email protected], [email protected] ... etc. I have a few questions: It is required that user1 ...
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Facebook chat contacts mixed up

Earlier this week, my chat contacts on Facebook's sidebar got mixed up. The upper part, where my most frequently contacted friends are usually located, was replaced by the bottom part, that is, "more ...
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Facebook friends suddenly showing up in Outlook People

Ever since Facebook changed their API a couple of years ago, Facebook friends no longer sync with third party apps/services. Since then, Facebook friends stopped appearing in the People/...
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Gmail: Search for email based on name stored in contacts

I have at least one friend with a Gmail address associated with a fake name. In my contacts list, I have the correct name associated with the email address. I can then type this person's name in the ...
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People and Skype contacts not synchronized in

Recently I decided to move back to my old Microsoft account from another Microsoft account and make is absolutely clean and organized. I've run into a couple of issues which MS support cannot (or don'...
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