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Customer Relationship Management - a widely implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects

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How to add embedded hyperlinks in a form?

I'm currently developing a form on and have encountered a limitation that I'm hoping to find a workaround for. The core of the issue is that I need to include embedded hyperlinks within the ...
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How to share ONLY several fields of the contacts

I already know how to share google contacts with my team. But I need to share only SEVERAL fields with each people. Imagine I wish to share all contacts but not all the information, but only phone ...
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Encrypt selected data only in Google Contacts?

Is there a way to have let's say an online CRM platform sync its contact details in realtime with Google Contacts, but hide the contact's phone numbers or encrypt them for certain users of the CRM ...
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Mailbox can't synchronize appointment, contact, and tasks

I've got a mailbox in Dynamics CRM which is throwing the error "Mailbox can't synchronize appointments, contact, and tasks. Another Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization is configured to the same ...
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Dynamics CRM Online - how to get rid of 'First Things First' intro screen

Since Dynamics CRM Online was upgrade to the new 2013 version, this 'First Things First' screen pops up pretty constantly: Ticking 'don't show me this again' makes it go away for a bit, but seems to ...
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How to disable Yesware in Gmail?

I've recently become aware of a snoopy little Chrome extension called Yesware. Yesware brands itself as an email productivity service for salespeople. It enables those who use it to know when, where, ...
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Is there a CRM like tool for managing offline social personal (non-business) use? [closed]

Lately I found the need to more and more to take notes of my offline social interaction so I can go through them later. People's name, their child, what they do, hobby, etc. Just like CRM in business. ...
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Way to keep track of people and organizations? [closed]

I am looking for a flexible web app that would allow me to keep track of all the local "chapters" of an organization (world wide). A multi-chapter website management software. Ideally it would ...
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What software do dentists, opticians and similar professionals use to keep track of their clients' visits information? [closed]

I am interested to know if there is any web based software that can do this. By "this", I mean software that can keep track of, say, a dentist's patient data from the day the patient first walked in, ...
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How do I add a new contact to Highrise via email?

Sometimes I get partnership offers from people but I'm not ready to work with them yet. I'd like to have an easy way to add them to Highrise (the 37 signals app) and tag them. Can I do that?
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Gmail based \ Gmail integrated personal CRM [closed]

I'm looking for a Web Application \ Browser add-on that will supply basic CRM capabilities, with good integration with Gmail Basically the main feature would be to track conversations, but unlike ...
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How can I auto-import contacts from PayPal into Highrise?

PayPal collects my customers' addresses, but I need an easy way to integrate them into my CRM.
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Cannot find again a certain CRM-like “dynamic FAQ” site

I've once stumbled upon a site I liked very much, but can't recall it's name or find it on Google anymore. It was a kind of a "dynamic FAQ", a bit like a pre-stackoverflow, but focused only on ...
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