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Use when the topic is the process of cleaning, correcting and filtering input to reach a state suitable for the operation of a program.

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Dropdown list based on the result of another cell's dropdown

I want to populate a dropdown list based on a selection of another cell's dropdown list. Here is my spreadsheet. E.g., if the user does not make a choice from D20 dropdown menu, therefore F20 ...
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Data Validation with an IF formula

I've got a list of items that I want to include in a Drop Down. Using data validation, all I need to do is add the range and this works. However, the list has various types of data and I want to ...
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How do I conduct conditional data validation multiple times so that each input prompts a different conditional validation outcome

I am a member of a project that does electricity monitoring, and I am trying to organize our contact sheet to indicate the status of our electricity monitoring across locations. I want to make the ...
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