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System that handles large amounts of data in an organised fashion

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Google Sheets keyboard shortcut: 'Sort sheet AtoZ or ZtoA' on current column?

How can I make a Google Sheets keyboard shortcut for both Sort sheet A to Z and Sort sheet Z to A on the current column (if one does not already exist)? I'm constantly GUI-header-clicking a pop-up ...
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Return all the cells from column B & C if the value in column A equals a certain value

Let's say we have the recipes of various cocktails stored in this format below. I would like to create a formula which will allow me to return a table with ingredients and volume of the selected ...
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Google Sheet how to combine data from same sheet to other sheet

I have several tables on the same sheet with different numbers of rows and columns but basically have the same structure, now I want data from these different tables to be united in one master ...
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Mail merge BUT body is like address label merge (multiple spreadsheet rows per output) while header and end act like regular mail merge (1 row per...)

The header and end of the template need to operate like mail merge, one set of data per document, while the central body of the template needs to operate like address-label-mail-merge, one row per ...
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Google sheets conditional format to highlight a column containing items from another list

I have rows of data, Col. A will be the order number and there will be duplicates of the order number (this is for each individual item purchase and MUST NOT be removed to give unique numbers). Then I ...
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Open user database with separate spreadsheets

I’m trying to figure out a solution, most likely by combining multiple Google Sheets, for creating an accessible user database that also protects anonymity. Here’s what I have/need Right now, the ...
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In Google Sheets' filter views, can I filter columns non-cumulatively?

I have been putting together a spreadsheet in Google Sheets that includes various data/information relating to the hundreds of characters in a novel I am reading. Two of the columns relate to the ...
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Can Google Forms & Sheets serve as a kind of database? [closed]

I'm a teacher trying to create a database of grades. I'm trying to figure out if Google Sheets and Google Forms is sufficient for my task or if I need a real database solution. I need some tables: ...
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Password protected online database or spreadsheet [closed]

I have a client that wants a simple online database or spreadsheet solution. Requirements Custom fields and field types (text, images) CRUD contents through a web GUI Password protected (single user ...
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