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Flag rows that are duplicates in two columns

My question is similar to this one, but adds a little more complexity. How can I flag duplicate entries in a Google Sheets column unless the duplicates have different values in another column? For ...
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Why is Google Drive copying a single file dozens of times?

I don't really have a lot of information to go on here (for reproducing, etc.) so I'm hoping this post reaches someone who's encountered this issue before. What happened was that one file became 50-...
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Filter out duplicate phone numbers from an Airtable column

I copied phone number data into Airtable. There are duplicate entries, specifically for a "phone number" type column. How do I filter out duplicates? Or even mark a column as unique so that a phone ...
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Checking for data duplication without direct access

I have set up a spreadsheet on Google Drive that multiple users can access and edit, but I also need users to be alerted when the data they enter already exists elsewhere (this could be another sheet, ...
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How can I filter a full table based on only unique values in a single column?

How can I deduplicate a table (all rows and columns) based on the values in column A? Example: What I want after deduplicating: Basically, I only want unique values in column A, but I want all the ...
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Stop duplicates appearing when listing songs by artist or album in Grooveshark [closed]

I prefer to listen to entire albums or all songs from a single artist at a time, but the huge number of duplicates that appear when listing songs from a single album or artist makes this a very ...
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Duplicates in Google calendar

I had synched my Google Calendar to three separate Exchange accounts using Google Calendar Sync, and now I have three entries for each holiday (because they were added by default). How do I merge ...
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Find duplicates in Google Contacts

I use Google Contacts, but I find that I end up with quite a few duplicates (via multiple email addresses, sync issues etc). Is there any way that I can easily find a list of possible duplicates in my ...
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How do I remove duplicate contacts in Google Contacts? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Find duplicates in Google Contacts I would like to remove duplicate contacts. My contacts run into thousands and merging is no small job.
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