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A computer system (or set of computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. It is usually also capable of keeping track of the different versions created by different users (history tracking).

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We want to migrate around 250 TBs of data from our on-premises servers to an online solution

I am working on a new project for a customer, where the customer have 10 on-premises windows servers which contain on total around 250 TBs of data. and we want to migrate those data to an online ...
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Is my manuscript too big for my computer to handle?

I'm an author working from an HP Probook 440 G5. I've been writing in Google Docs for about a year, and I'm almost done with my first book's second draft, which I hope to show to a professional ...
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What drives users to Issuu and Scribd? [closed]

Why are people still using Scribd and Issuu? Where do their users come from and what alternatives do they use (or not)? Scribd and Issuu were popular some ten years ago, when some browsers didn't ...
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Can a file be dragged from Google Drive to the Gmail compose window?

I'd like to find a super-easy way to get a Google Doc or sheet into an outgoing Gmail message, in the browser. I'm imagining that if I set up two windows, one with the Gmail compose window and one ...
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Google Drive document parent folder link missing after update [closed]

After a recent update of Google Drive, we can no longer navigate to the folder containing the open document. The below image shows what the folder dialog used to look like. Clicking the folder link (...
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Pull documents from Manilla into Evernote

I have accounts at Manilla and Evernote. I currently scan in all of my mail and store it in Evernote. For paperless bills, almost all of them get pulled into my Manilla account. Right now, I have to ...
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Can Google Docs converted .ppt files be reverted

After uploading a .ppt file onto Google Docs (and converted), How am I able to "unconvert" it (retrieve the original version) ?
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Knowledge-tree alternative for document management self hosted apps? [closed]

Is there knowledge-tree document management alternative based on php and MySQL for self-hosted Knowledge management apps?
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Mendeley for e-books [closed]

I have been using Mendeley for my research paper library for some time and I absolutely love the way it takes care fo organizing my library. Is there such a Web/Desktop app to organize my ebook ...
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How can I add a shortcut on my desktop to a document in Google Docs?

I would like to have a shortcut on my desktop to an Excel document in Google Docs. How can I create a shortcut (icon) like this? I use Google Chrome as web browser.
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How do I edit a docx-document received in Gmail online on Google Docs?

I received a docx-document on my Gmail. I clicked "view", and then the "Save in Google Docs" button. Now in Google Docs, I can only view the document but not edit it. How do I edit the document in ...
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Site for managing papers? [closed]

I initially kept my list of papers (mostly academic) organized in as a set of links and in bibtex so that I can refer to them. But this approach has many shortcomings, not the ...
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