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Questions tagged [email-signature]

Text, or sometimes text and graphics or just a graphic, appended to the bottom of the body of an email and hence similar to a footer in other documents.

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Why doesn't adding a link or image to my signature work?

I have a business email account hooked up to (as a POP email / send from address). I'm trying to add a rich signature with social media links. When I add an <a> or <img> tag ...
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Gmail Signature Image

When trying to add an image to my Gmail signature, all I see is a broken image placeholder: When I upload an image, it gets hosted by my Google Drive. When I go to Google Drive I can see that the ...
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How To Add Multiple Clickable Links in a Gmail Signature

I have an image of a signature that I'd like to add as my Gmail signature. That very image contains two small icons, LinkedIn and a globe (for my website). Now, what I want is the ability to add the ...
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OWA signature with image

From Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2003 how do I add an image to the signature? I went to owa/?ae=Options&t=Messaging and updated the signature file as text. There's no option for adding ...
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Signature with an image is randomly displayed automatically

When I setup an Email signature for a client on a Gmail account, the image is not being displayed when I look at it on my own Gmail account, but with other Gmail accounts it works. I tried different ...
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How to embed the 'To:' field into my email signature in Gmail compose?

Is it possible to copy the contents of the 'To:' field into my signature when composing new mail? I would prefer to use Gmail's web-based interface (Browser Extension/User JavaScript/GreaseMonkey ...
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Drafting Gmail Signature

I created a signature in Google Docs and tried to copy/paste it into my Gmail Signature, but lost a lot of the formatting. I don't have plain text checked. Any way to fix this?
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Why would Gmail signature settings/setup be different for different email addresses?

I have two Gmail addresses, one personal address, and one for work that is @mywork' When adding or changing my signature, I noticed that for my personal Gmail address there are ...
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