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In this case, to "Embed" is to place a part of a webpage/web app—e.g. Facebook status, tweet—into a different webpage, be it yours or not.

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Embed Google Spreadsheet in Google Document

Is it possible to embed a Google Spreadsheet into a Google Document à la Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word? How about a chart from a Spreadsheet?
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Embed Google Spreadsheet table Withing Google Document when data contains dates

I found a great script here that will add a Google Sheet table to my Google Doc. function onOpen() { DocumentApp.getUi() .createMenu('Custom') .addItem('Update Data', '...
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57 votes
8 answers

How to embed code snippets in Medium?

Is it possible to embed code snippets on Medium?
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Embed Google +1 button without use of JavaScript or iframes

Is there a way to embed the Google +1 (plus one) button without the use of JavaScript or an iframe? Don't care about the counter of other people who also clicked the plus one since that's probably ...
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How can I make a minimal, unstyled HTML form which works with Google Forms?

I want to embed a Google Form in my website, but make it unstyled, etc., so it looks neat and can be placed in widget form.
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How do I embed an image from the web into a Trello card comment or description?

So far I have been successful embedding Youtube videos into Trello card comments; simply by including the URL in the comment Trello picks it up and renders an embedded Youtube thumbnail. What I ...
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Calling Cognito.load results in a URL that is too long

I am embedding a Cognito form in my website. After the user submits the form, we save the form data to our database. The data will be further manipulated in our database. When the user returns, our ...
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