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In this case, to "Embed" is to place a part of a webpage/web app—e.g. Facebook status, tweet—into a different webpage, be it yours or not.

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Can I turn/disguise links as texts in Facebook posts?

I oftentimes post links in comment sections and Facebook Groups, to direct a person to a post, a group or a website. But sometimes links take too much space and they're kind of a bit too messy to look ...
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Unable to embed images on Medium

I am unable to embed any sort of images on Medium. Though, videos or profile links are getting embed quite easily. I tried embedding the SO Flair, but the link appeared as it is without any image.
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How to Add RTL Tables to a Google Document

As I'm trying to format google doc tables and in reference to this thread I was able to add some formatting to the header row, to the table data and was able to create a doc in a landscape layout. ...
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Gmail: how to embed another email

How to embed an existing email from the same gmail account into a new email? I am aware that I can use Forward but in my case I have a threaded email that already contains a conversation and I would ...
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Google Calendar Agenda view End Time and Location

Is there a way in the embed code for Google Calendars to display the Start time - End Time Event Title Event Location?
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Is it possible to search over multiple Google Forums from one search box?

I've embedded several Google forums in our website, found at:, following the general guidelines found at:
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How do I search for PDF non-embed fonts?

I am trying to upload a pdf to KDP Amazon Publishing. My book was created in google docs. I save to print PDF and upload the paperback manuscript, but it has non-standardized fonts. How do I find the ...
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How to embed table from Google Sheets to Google Doc and preserve formulas & cell protection

I'm created a Google Doc posted to the Canvas platform for individual students to record data from an experiment. (see below for screenshot) In excel, I can easily insert AVERAGE formula for each row ...
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Embedded Google Calendar incomplete event loading

I have a public Google Calendar that displays events like a list. See (right side of container): My problem is that I have events in the calendar, ...
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