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Grabbing your links, contacts and other account information and data in preparation for another service or for backing up

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Get e-mail addresses from Gmail messages received

How can I export a list containing e-mail addresses for everyone that has sent me an e-mail? I have all of the messages archived.
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Export Gmail messages to text or HTML files

I want to be able to export Gmail messages as text or HTML files so that they can be stored, passed around, and easily viewed later. I would really like to be able to locate a selection of my ...
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Is there a way to export my starred locations from Google Maps?

I have hundreds of locations starred in Google Maps. I'd like to export the list of them so that I can import them into other software, like Google Earth or map applications on my Android phone. Is ...
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How to export a filtered set of rows from a Google Spreadsheet?

Is it possible, when exporting a Google Spreadsheet into a CSV, to apply this operation only to filtered set of rows? I need to get in CSV exactly the rows which are visible on the sheet after a ...
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Print Playlist from Google Play Music

I want to print a list of songs (with artist, album, rating and, if possible, number of plays and duration) from my Google Play Music account. There is no easy way to do this from the app. Doing ...
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Export blog entries from Blogger

How can I export all blog entries with uploaded images from Blogger. There is an export feature, but it exports an Atom file with image referencing the uploaded images. I would like to export the ...
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How do I export or back up my Facebook friend list?

I'm admin of several large political pages. Because of this, my profile chronically suffers report-attacks (i.e.; enough number of people falsely report my profile) and make it suspended. This happens ...
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How can I import mail from one Gmail account to another, preserving my label structure?

I'd like to import mail from one account to another, but I have 10 or so labels in the one I want to export from. What's the easiest way to get the same labels on the same email messages on the new ...
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Export Contacts from Facebook -- The Painless Methods

Question Is there an relatively painless way to export contacts from Facebook? Background I'm helping my wife get contact info for her network. I've read the answer to this related question on ...
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How to migrate all my Google data to another acount?

I'm using Gmail, Google Reader, calendar, Picasaweb and other services. I've decide to change my Google ID. And I am moving Gmail data first (via POP3), but it is a very hard job. I'm afraid to move ...
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Export Trello board to CSV/XLS including custom fields and labels

I've got a Trello board which uses the Custom fields power up and labels. I'd like to export a CSV or XLS file of all the cards with their custom fields and labels included. I've explored various ...
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How do I export my YouTube playlists?

YouTube likes to periodically delete videos that are on my favorites list: But they refuse to tell me what they were so I can go find another copy. I would like a way to export my YouTube playlists, ...
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How to export selected emails from Gmail

I would like to export selected emails from my Gmail account to a text file. How can I do this with the Gmail web interface or some other (Linux) option?
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How can I download all messages from Facebook?

How can I download all my private messages from Facebook? I don't really want to have to scroll through the actual messages, wait for older ones to load, and copy and paste since I have 7k+ messages ...
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How can I export track.scrobble data from

What's the best way to export a complete history of my scrobbles? The data seems to be there on the website so in theory it could be screen scraped if all else fails but is there an easier way?...
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Facebook last login

I think somebody logged into my Facebook account. Is there any way for me to find the last login IP address or the location from where this occurred?
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How to export/download my Amazon wishlist?

How can I export/download my Amazon wishlist?
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Can I export my Facebook friends' contact info to Gmail?

Is it possible to export my Facebook friends' contact info to Gmail?
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How can I export my Delicious bookmarks?

How can I obtain a list of all the bookmarks in my Delicious account? That web service is so slow that it's difficult to use any more.
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How to download all directory contacts?

How do I export all the contacts from the directory? I can not select all of the contacts, only 250 at a time (which would be time consuming). Also, the more button is grayed out, which prevents the ...
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How to export Google search results

I want a list of the Titles and URLs for the search results of a particular query. In my particular situation, there are only about 20 pages of results so it's not that much data.
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Export all sender's email addresses for a specific label in Gmail [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Get e-mail addresses from Gmail messages received I have a site with a contact form that sends messages straight to my inbox, and I've set up a filter to give all those emails ...
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Downloading entire archive of past messages of a Yahoo Group

I am an owner of a now-defunct Yahoo Group. Apparently, it's been announced that Yahoo Groups is to remove all content December 14 2019 and I would like to save the archive of messages to that group....
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Exporting Telegram chat histories with emojis and images

I would like to export my chat histories from Telegram. Their support wiki article describes how to do it by printing from loaded in Google Chrome. However, this is undesirable for ...
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Exporting a single Google contact as a vcard

In Google Contacts, I can't find a way to export a single contact as a vcard. I've tried to do it from the Gmail contacts view and from Is there a way to do this that I am ...
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Retrieve all contacts that sent emails to a Gmail address

I have one Gmail account to receive emails from users. Right now I want to create a list for all users whom ever sent an email to this Gmail account. Basically, I want a list with all the From: email ...
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Print Playlist from YouTube Music

I want to print a list of songs (with artist, album, and duration) from my YouTube Music account. There is no easy way to do this from the app. Doing print-screens as I page through a long list of ...
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How do I export my Google search history? [duplicate]

I'd like to export all of my search history into one file. This used to be easy, but apparently something changed in 2012 or so that the old way of doing stuff (as seen in
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Print all Gmail messages between specific dates

Is there a way to print (or export, or save as PDF) all mail messages between specific dates in Gmail? I realize I could probably do it through an email client, but I would rather be able to through ...
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Exporting and Importing various Amazon lists; Shopping Lists, Wish lists, Idea Lists, Default List?

This question circa 2011: How to export/download my Amazon wishlist? Now, we have multiple lists in addition to the default wish list, that we make and change various times. At times we wish to ...
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I want to get the email address of everyone I've had a conversation with over the last year [duplicate]

I want to send a newsletter using MailChimp to everyone I've had an email conversation with over the past year. What is the best way to export their email addresses? I only want people I've gone ...
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