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Grabbing your links, contacts and other account information and data in preparation for another service or for backing up

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how do I export my saved places in google maps?

I've been using Google Maps to save the places in town that I have to deliver newspapers to. I want to export that list of saved places to another application via a GPX file. How do I do that? can i ...
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How to do lossless exporting?

I have several documents created using Google Docs. They are not plain text documents, but documents with images, tables, etc, etc. How can I export this Google Document to my computer, such that I ...
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Export list from Google Play Books

I have seen solutions offered for how to print a list of songs from Google Play Music, but I really want to print or download a list of the books in my Google Play Books library.
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Is it possible to export (download) the entire content of my SoundCloud profile at once?

I would like to delete all my content of my SoundCloud at once or automatised for archiving reasons to delete my account afterwards. Has someone found a way to do this?
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Is there a way to export Travel Plans and other lists from Google Maps (including notes)?

I have a number of items added to Travel Plans list of Google Maps (you can select it in the drop-down when you click Save button in the card), and now I would like to export them in a map exchange ...
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Exporting contact group in GMail (incorrectly) exports all groups for those contacts

Using the instructions provided by Google (and by other stackexchangers), it is quite easy to export a group of contacts (select the radio button for it during export). However, when I import that ...
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Evernote web-only data export

I need to export my data from Evernote, but don't have Windows or Mac. All information regarding exporting rely on the "free" desktop clients, but they don't run on my systems, only Mac and Windows. ...
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Is it possible to download a Google data archive for an account on a Google Apps domain?

Google now provides the capability to download an archive of one's Gmail and other data. This appears to be available for my account, but I also have a domain being managed by Google Apps. ...
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Format a numbered list in google docs into a table template?

I have a list with a url, an emoji (of a set of 3), and a name in a numbered list. Taking a list like this: 🥾 D. onohoe
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How to get just sent mail from Google Takeout archive of email?

User found out that Google Takeout mixes Inbox and Sent mail into one .mbox file. So user exported only sent mail. However, the .mbox contains also replies to some sent mail. How can user export just ...
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How do I export indentation to a txt file from google docs?

I want to convert a google docs document to a text file preserving indentation. When I copy and paste, or export indentation seems to be lost. Work around I'm looking into exporting to html and then ...
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Exporting Google Sheet to PDF

I'm trying to export the current active Google Sheet to a PDF. The below nearly does what I want but I would like a few changes. Changes. Save the PDF in the same folder as the main spreadsheet ...
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How to export my entire Google Scholar Library in BibTex

I want to export my entire Google Scholar Library into a BibTex in one click or by some other clever ways which I don't know about. At present, I can only export at max 10 articles in one go and I ...
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Is it possible to export reading time data in Perusall?

I am using Perusall to organize a university course. I want to export each student's average reading time in csv or other table format. Is it possible to do that? If yes, how? I can download a table ...
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Export / sync shared ’Public’ Facebook events from our Facebook Page with external calendar

We set up a Google calendar for our community years ago and it has proved to be a useful resource for many, especially those who do not use Facebook for whatever reason. However over the past few ...
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Exporting and Importing various Amazon lists; Shopping Lists, Wish lists, Idea Lists, Default List?

This question circa 2011: How to export/download my Amazon wishlist? Now, we have multiple lists in addition to the default wish list, that we make and change various times. At times we wish to ...
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Download list of addresses with access to a particular Google Drive file

(This related thread did not answer my question: How can I see who has access to my Google Drive folders?.) My son's school counselor has shared my son's weekly report with a gazillion irrelevant ...
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How to get data out of a Facebook survey

I want to get the questions out of some Facebook survey. It wasn't made by me. Is it possible to transfer to Excel or something similar?
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How do I export Facebook friends list that includes disabled accounts?

I just need a list of names, and no other info such as contact details. Other answers to this question, such as
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Which formats can Google Docs import/restore?

I want to export/download files FROM Google Docs in a format that will allow me to import/upload them to Google Docs retaining all possible formatting. While Google Docs offers several formats to ...
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Scraping Directory contents from Google

Does anyone know of a good way to scrape the information from the Directory in Google Contacts? I saw this How to download all directory contacts?. I tried to run it by following the steps layed out, ...
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Is there a way to rearrange columns of repeating sections in the exported CSV file?

I am using Cognito Forms to gather information about my worker's work progress for client billing purposes. They submit one form a day, but each work assignment gets filled out in a repeating section. ...
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How to export members from a Google Group?

How do I export addresses of members of a Google Groups group that I am a member of? The manager did not limit the possibility of viewing the list of members, And I can see the list at: https://...
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