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Facebook games are applications on Facebook that functions as a game for users to play in.

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Deactivated Facebook, can't continue games on Messenger

I deactivated my Facebook account. Every time I go to Messenger to continue playing a game, it wants me to log back into Facebook. Then I receive emails thanking me for coming back to Facebook. How ...
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Cannot see my games when I use my smartphone

In Windows computer I can play the games I installed on my Facebook account. But when I open Facebook on my smartphone ( Huawei Y9 2019 ) then I do not see those games ! How to fix that ?
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How to block a game on Facebook?

This question is similar to this SE question which asks about how to "block all app & game invitations (once and for all)". My question is different: it asks about how to "block a particular, ...
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How to comment on receiving a game request?

I have just received a game request from a friend and wanted to comment on it, but do not find any way to do it. Clicking on the request leads to opening of the app. What should I do?
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Stop Facebook games tagging

Since few days I'm receiving a notification which says I've been tagged in a post. The post is: MyFriendName was saved by a friend in Hidden Shadows. Thank you MyName! Your Friend needs You! Help ...
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Is there any way to prevent yourself from being in a populated list for Facebook invites?

I may play one at the most two games in Facebook. I really do not like getting those notifications that are invites for all those games I'll never play. I know the inviting is based on a populated ...
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Games on Facebook keep sending me to the sign in page

Games on Facebook (such as Bejewelled Blitz, Diamond Dash) that I have been playing for a long time (and played this morning) now won't load. Clicking on a name makes the page jump to the Facebook ...
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Deleting Game Progress from Facebook?

On Facebook, you can un-authorize a game you have played, but still many many days later when you open the game - you can authorize it again and continue playing from the exact point you left off. My ...
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Facebook game page not found, did I hide it and can I get access to it again?

When I go to the Garden of Times game, I get redirected to a page that reads: You may have checked an expired link. The page you requested was not found! Did I somehow cancel this page instead ...
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If CityVille is served by Facebook servers, why would Zynga need to rent Amazon facilities? [closed]

Zynga is Amazon's big customer in public cloud. But, when I play CityVille, the URL is served from Facebook's server. It looks confusing to me. Can anyone explain the architecture and share of work ...
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