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A feature of Facebook to search within your friends and your own data using questions.

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How to search for posts/videos commented on by someone via graph search? [closed]

It seems like the comments search is limited to "photos" for now since queries such as "posts commented on by {name}" or "videos commented on by {name}" simply don't work. Is there an alternative way ...
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Facebook search by url parameters documentation

Facebook can be queried by the web gui (GraphSearchQuery) but also by url Example: filters_rp_creation_time={"start_year"%3A"2011"...
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Can Facebook's Graph Search be used to analyse Facebook friends by gender?

The article here seems to suggest that Facebook's Graph Search is powerful enough to analyse Facebook friends by gender. I'm aware that using the search term "My friends that are male", for example, ...
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Find Facebook posts liked by friendlist members [closed]

Can I search Facebook for posts that were liked only by members of a friends list that I created?
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Facebook Graph Search doesn't work after recent update [closed]

So for those who aren't aware, graph search was very powerful. You could find Graph Search to search for events, people, Pages on a variety of parameters using Natural Language Phrases For example: ...
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How can I change the data permissions to enable Graph Explorer on Facebook?

Today, I was trying to see what Graph Explorer is. I wasn't able to change the permission for my data and friends data. My User Data permissions and Friends Data Permissions settings are enabled by ...
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Is it possible to export data from Facebook's graph search?

I'm trying to find a way of getting the location of friends of friends (town/city and country) and plot them on a map. I can easily search for "Friends of my friends" but is there a way of exporting ...
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Is it possible to create a Facebook friend list from a Graph Search query?

For instance, create a list of friends that speak a certain language. Or friends that have been to a specific place or like a page, live in a particular city.
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When will Facebook Graph Search be available for me? [closed]

I've clicked to join the beta for Facebook Graph Search, but I still cannot access the feature. When will it be rolled out to the public? Is there any way to circumvent the "beta wall" and gain ...
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