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A multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages.

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Not able to perform virtual experiments in simulator without Adobe flash player

I am a Physics teacher. I was using virtual lab simulation to teach Physics experiments which required adobe flash player. Now few days back I got a popup asking to uninstall Adobe flash player as it ...
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Why does Blurb Bookify's startup progress bar freeze at 99%?

I have a couple of users interested in using Blurb's "Bookify" flash app for creating photobooks (although that link may redirect to the download for the desktop native app if Flash isn't installed). ...
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Blank video for ESPN in Chrome

When trying to watch ESPN Play in Chrome (Win 10) I don't get even the player... just blank. I disable "Asking before using flash" but it didn't work.
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Disable YouTube HTML5 player in Chrome

I'm running Chrome on my Mac and all of a sudden videos started playing in the HTML5 player instead of the Flash player. I am not in the HTML5 trial, the button says Join instead of Leave and I have ...
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Google Translate asks for Flash

Whenever I use Google Translate I get a notification about Adobe Flash being disabled: Things seem to work normally without Flash, so I don't understand why the translator is even trying to use it. ...
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Skipping to position in YouTube player is apparently limited to buffered data

I experience this annoying effect and I don't understand if the problem is of the OS (OS X), the browser (Chrome), the Flash player, or YouTube itself. Everything is upgraded to the latest version, ...
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Why are some videos HTML5 and some Flash - and how do I force HTML5?

When I watch this YouTube video it's in Flash. But when I click on this other video - that video is in HTML5. Why are some videos in Flash and some in HTML5? Also how can I force HTML5 for videos (...
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Is there any way to force Amazon Instant Video into High Quality?

I'm watching a movie that is very dark, and it looks awful in low quality. Is it possible to force Amazon Instant Video into high quality? I am OK with long buffering times.
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YouTube videos buffering second time. Why?

I have a slow internet connection so I can't play video directly, I need to pause and wait for few minutes to buffer. I keep buffering in small player mode after buffering a while I make it full ...
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How to disable autoplay in Cosmic Panda?

I have the experimental Cosmic Panda lay-out on YouTube. It annoys me that videos are played automatically when I have opened a playlist. How do I prevent this?
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Play YouTube videos using Flash instead of HTML5

Since upgrading my kids' browser to Firefox 4, YouTube seems to have switched them over to HTML5 video, which the computer apparently can't handle because it stutters horribly, causing Child Rage ...
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What does this game use as it's "engine" On what is this game based on? Does somebody know? HTML5? Flash? JavaScript?
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How to make flv-players work with iphone/ipad? [closed]

We don't want to use youtube-embedded videos on our site. How can we make our flv-player (flash) work with iphone/ipad? Is it something with the codec used?
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Image slideshow with a book/page flip effect [closed]

Do you know of an application that can make embeddable flash image galleries that have a page flip effect.
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Gray exclamation mark keeps appearing on YouTube

This has been happening a lot lately, mostly on YouTube. I don't know if it's YouTube, Adobe Flash or Firefox: This will happen even half-way through playing a video, it will randomly turn into this ...
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Does Gmail use Flash?

I'm curious, sometimes I'm working on Gmail (using Google Chrome), and Flash Player crashes. When this happens my YouTube video tab stop shows the video, and Gmail doesn't stop, but it does show the "...
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Download a VideoPress video

How do I download a video stored on VideoPress? Example: onøgning/ there are two embedded videos. Looking at the source it ...
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Play BBC Radio without Flash Player

Take this URL: . It has a silly animated Flash Player which canes my CPU. I'm running with Mac OS X 10.6 on a MacBook Pro 13. I am also running the latest ...
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Free tool to convert Flash to GIF? [closed]

Is there a free tool that allows me to convert a Flash entity (like a Flash ad) into an animated GIF image?
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Online Stop Watch Using Pure Javascript and HTML and CSS ( No Flash!) [closed]

Is there an online stop watch that is constructed using pure Javascript, HTML and CSS, without using Flash? There are a couple of flash-based online stopwatch websites, but since I don't prefer ...
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Is there a webapp that allows barcode scanning with a webcam? [closed]

Some time ago, I used a web app to catalog my book collection, and it had that really nifty little flash thing that would use your webcam to scan a barcode, extract the ISBN from that and run an ...
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What advantages and disadvantages are there to using the HTML5 beta of YouTube?

Google has a beta of YouTube that uses HTML5's video tag, but what gains do I get from using this, other than not having to install Flash just for YouTube?
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Tweaking YouTube playback

How can I adjust brightness and speed while watching a video on YouTube? If there isn't a way to do this with YouTube's Flash Player, can I do this with HTML5 video (through their beta)?
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