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An integrated web-based project management system featuring bug/issue tracking, discussion forums, wikis, customer relationship management, and Evidence Based Scheduling developed by Fog Creek Software.

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Can I link a FogBugz ticket to a Trello card in Trello?

Can I link FogBugz cases to Trello cards and/or items on a Trello card checklist?
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In Fogbugz, how can I create a chart that displays "time remaining" for a given milestone, *including* all its dependent milestones?

My team is mimicking sprints with a hierarchy of milestones in Fogbugz. We have our main delivery deadline called the "R0" milestone. This milestone is dependent on a bunch of sprint milestones. ...
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Script Error using FogBugz Screenshot / BugShooting

When generating a screenshot using FogBugz Screenshot tool, I get the following error: This used to open in a new browser window, whereas now it opens in the login window and generates the error ...
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How does Trello store my information? [closed]

I started using Trello at work to manage my team and liked it, but then my my VP Dev told me we can't store any company information offsite because of regulations (we're working with the finance ...
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What web-based software combines bug tracking, agile project management and client collaboration? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are project managing, task/issue/time tracking web apps are available for free or at least cheap enough? I'm aware of really good packages that handle each one ...
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Fogbugz -- expanded case list?

I'm having trouble reading the list of cases in Fogbugz; is there a way to make it show the entire text of each case individually?
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