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Questions tagged [full-screen]

Apply to questions about filling the entire display area with a single ‘window’, often without any menu or controls visible, rather than as differentiation from teletype mode.

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2 answers

Google Sheets – Is there a Full Screen Function or Script?

I was wondering if there is a function that makes google sheets go full screen? For example a script that can be added to picture, that when clicked makes google sheets go full screen? Or upon opening ...
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0 answers

When presenting full-screen, how to view next slide in google slides on iPhone

I'm trying to present a Google Slides document full-screen on my MacBook Pro while screensharing my laptop's display on a remote meeting (sometimes using Google Meet, sometimes using Webex since my ...
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How do I get Gmail to open new windows in full-screen by default?

Is there anyway to open the 'in new window' by default to full-screen? Whenever we click this, we have to manually maximize the window.
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32 votes
4 answers

Can I use the Fullscreen API in JSFiddle?

I have the following JSFiddle, It does the simple task of changing from full screen to non-full screen each time the body is clicked using the Fullscreen API. ...
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21 votes
6 answers

Keep full screen while switching to other app?

I want to make a YouTube video that I put in my second screen stay maximized while I go and do something in another window on my primary monitor. Is this possible?
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Wunderground Full Screen zoom

I really like Wunderground's new Full Screen feature. It's especially nice when using the browser's F11 full screen option. How can I make the view zoomed out farther automatically when the map is ...
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