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Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as a radar, mobile phone or an Internet-connected computer terminal. Geolocation may refer to the practice of assessing the location, or to the actual assessed location.

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How to preserve Google Photos geotag on download?

My photos are geotagged on google photos but when I download them, the geolocation information disappears. Is there anyway to download them with the geotag intact? The photo I am trying this with was ...
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Update photos on Google Photos

I've uploaded all of my photos to Google Photos (~100GB). I've decided to add geocoding to photos. Is it possible to upload updated version of photos? I wouldn't like to delete all uploaded photos and ...
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Trick Facebook into believing I'm in a different location

I'm trying to convince the Facebook website that I'm writing from a different place. Originally, because I'd like to fully understand the ways in which I'm being spied upon. But by now, after several ...
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Why are all the "find your friends" Facebook apps not working anymore?

All "find your friends" Facebook apps listed here:, do not work anymore. This article was from 2011, but all searches for more recent ...
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Google Maps grey dotted lines identified location

I clicked to search for directions on a place on Google and it redirected to Maps. Google was able to precisely identify my location The map displayed several thick grey dotted curves all converging ...
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Find place near which I passed today in my Timeline in Google Maps

I have location history/Timeline turned on in Google Maps so my phone records my movements for each day. Today I passed near a restaurant and I want to find it but I don't remember the name. If I just ...
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