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How can I get email notifications when add or remove a tag to a issue?

How can I get email notifications when adding or removing a tag to a issue? I need that because we are using tag addition and removal to sign issues status changes. The statuses are ...
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Ignore Greenkeeper notifications on a repository I watch?

I'm watching a few GitHub repositories that each have a lot of dependencies. To assist managing all those dependencies, the owners of the repositories use Greenkeeper, which creates a pull request ...
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GitHub activity feed does not display all entries

I'm wondering why some activities are not displayed in my feed. The doc says: The feed shows you events from people you follow and repositories you watch. Just yesterday, a colleague of mine ...
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GitHub account is public but if you search it's not showing

I have new GitHub account and if I search my name on Google it's not showing anything. I tried using my name and adding GitHub on the end but still nothing should I post it on Google search console or ...
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My account is flagged suddenly

When I open my account they tell me that my account is flagged, hidden and marked as spam, I think that this happen by mistake.. and I don't know way, can you help me please?
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Find GitHub issues I was once assigned to but not at the moment

5-6 issues were assigned to me before I went for holiday. But at the moment only one issue is assigned to me. I want to find those issues that were assigned to me. If anyone can hint me a way for it ...
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Git Repos issues

Please can some one share your opinion on the below issue please ? I have a ETL (SSIS) project file in GITHUB, all is well till yesterday. But today i have pulled the code it is showing as .PROJ file ...
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