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3 answers

WiKi for an organization in GitHub -- possible?

Is it possible to create a WiKi on an organization level in GitHub? That is, I don't want a wiki in a single repository and I want to avoid creating a new empty repository only Wiki. Instead I want to ...
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36 votes
3 answers

How to delete a GitHub wiki page?

I created a wiki page in my project's GitHub repository, for storing some loose notes and links, and GitHub automatically created a wiki page called "Home", containing the text "Welcome to the [...
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7 votes
2 answers

Embedding simple block diagrams in GitHub wiki

I'd like to add some simple block diagrams to my GitHub wiki. Is there any way to do this without embedding images?
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Internationalization of the GitHub wiki or GitHub Pages?

My project's documentation is on a wiki where unfortunately every new contributor has to be validated by me beforehand, which is a pain. So I am considering switching to the GitHub wiki, in which ...
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