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For question about issues of attaching files in Gmail.

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Why do Gmail attachments I send in order appear out of order in my sent mail, and does the recipient receive them in order? [duplicate]

After clicking attachments, I selected files in the order I wanted them to appear to the recipient. All photos were in numerical order. Before sending the email, I confirmed that they were in order at ...
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How to fix "Limit Exceeded: Email Total Attachments Size" with Google App script?

I've been running this amazing script (provided in full, below) with great success (thanks to user tedinoz!) but have recently been getting an error that reads "Exception: Limit Exceeded: Email ...
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How to delete attachments/images from an email without deleting the email itself (Gmail)? [duplicate]

I've received a bunch of emails with large attachments and images. I want to keep the emails (including their headers) for my records, but I don't want the attachments and images using up my ...
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Automated way to move Gmail image / video attachments to Google Photos

I'm running out of storage in my Google account. In order to save space, I'm trying to move many images and videos from Gmail into Google Photos with "high quality" (where Google Photos ...
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Download picture from a Gmail draft

I thought about a new and easy way to transfer a picture from my iPhone to my Desktop (without cable): Attach the picture to a new Gmail mail (iPhone), open the draft (Desktop), copy the picture and ...
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Is there a way to convert gmail attachments to gmail docs, and replace them in the message with links to the drive file?

My Google drive folder is at 12.8 GB. 11 of that is gmail, with a ton of photos sent back and forth between me and my customers. Gmail doesn't include mid resolution photos (which most are, and I ...
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How can I email an unresized image via Gmail?

I'm trying to email as an attachment to my iPhone a large image from my PC via Gmail. Its original size is 3840 x 1080 pixels (5.57 MB). At first, when I received the image it looked very bad on the ...
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Gmail: how to embed another email

How to embed an existing email from the same gmail account into a new email? I am aware that I can use Forward but in my case I have a threaded email that already contains a conversation and I would ...
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How to backup emails from Gmail without the attachments and images

I am trying to backup my Gmail because our company will be closing our business account (cost cutting) and expect us to use personal email instead. I tried Google archive, but it ends up 20GB+ even if ...
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Printing emails including the attached PDF documents in Gmail

I am desperately looking for a solution how to print from Gmail (webinterface, no email client as Thunderbird etc) an email together with the PDF attachments into a single PDF document meaning I do ...
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Google Apps Script with local drive attachment

Can Google Apps Script send an email through Gmail with an attachment from a local drive not Google Drive? If so, how?
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Can a file be dragged from Google Drive to the Gmail compose window?

I'd like to find a super-easy way to get a Google Doc or sheet into an outgoing Gmail message, in the browser. I'm imagining that if I set up two windows, one with the Gmail compose window and one ...
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Large file attachments to specific Google Drive folder

In Gmail when you attach a large file to an email, it is uploaded to your Google Drive account instead and the receiver is linked to that location in your Drive. It is annoying to me that such files ...
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Inline image attachment on Gmail from GDrive

Is there a way to attach my images directly from my Google Drive inline when composing a message on Gmail? When I try to attach an inline image from a shareable link on my Google Drive, it doesn't ...
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How to send Google Drive document as a regular attachment

Attaching from the drive via: Pops up a dialog box that is missing a important button: How do I directly send, via Gmail, an attachment from the associated Google Drive with the following ...
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How to download attachments of Gmail mail automatically?

I receive mail every day with some attachments and I want to download those attachments automatically when they arrive to my mail box. Is that possible? and if yes, how?
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Convenient way to download attachments from multiple emails in Gmail?

Is it possible to select multiple email messages, and then download the files in their attachments in one archive file? The native way to click to open the emails one by one, and click to download ...
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What does this icon mean in Gmail for attachments?

Some files I attach in Gmail have this icon next to it, while others have a different icon that looks like a piece of paper with a bent corner. The format is all the same, what does this icon signify? ...
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How can I search Gmail for password-protected PDFs?

I'm looking for an attachment that happens to be a password-protected PDF file (you need to type the password to open it). Is there a way to search Gmail for such files?
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Adding email attachment to Google Photos [closed]

I am unable to locate photos in Google Photos after using the feature to save them to Google Drive from an email attachment in Gmail. It seems that the best practice is supposed to be: hover over the ...
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How does Gmail calculate the size of a message which contains an attachment?

I am getting rejection on my 13.5MB attachment even though size limit is 15MB. So, I want to know the exact policy by Gmail, as in how do they calculate the size of an email which contains attachment?
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Can one delete a Gmail attachment but keep the email?

My Gmail account is starting to get full, so I have been using the new search term larger:1M to find messages containing attachments that are larger than 1 Megabyte. How do I delete only the ...
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How do image attachments affect Gmail quota?

Gmail seems to do some image processing when an image is uploaded, compressing the (JPG) image. There are also options to select the size of the image (small, best fit, original size). Also, there is ...
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How to download all images from Gmail messages?

I have a huge number of e-mail messages saved in Gmail with single image (snapshot.jpg, ~500Kb each) attachments. Some messages are combined into e-mail chains (but not all of them due to e-mail chain ...
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Download .rar attachment failure from draft message

I have this mail draft in my Gmail like for 6-7 years. This draft has an attachment of .rar file which contains a small project that I did when I was senior in college. I want to send this mail to ...
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Attachments Notifying Sender upon Opening

Can an email attachment be configured to, in some way, notify the sender upon opening and other details? I do not necessarily mean in a malicious way, but can normal-looking attachments like PDFs ...
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Cannot attach/send archived files from/to Gmail email address

The first time I tried to send archived files to/from a Gmail email account was one month ago and I noticed that you cannot send these kinds of files. I tried multiple times and failed always. If I ...
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Create Google Calendar event from Gmail and add attachment from Email

Gmail provides the menu entry to create a Google Calendar event from an email conversation. However, this does not automatically attach any attachments found in the email conversation to the calendar ...
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Way to automatically download or print attachments or URLs from emails with specific labels

More and more companies are sending electronic invoices. Some do so by attachment, others by embedding an URL to an on-line location. For URLs, some require login or cookie, some don't. I'm ...
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Has Gmail recently changed its attachment filtering?

For quite awhile if you wanted to send a .exe attachment in Gmail you could rename the extension and it would go right on through. However, within the last couple of weeks these attachments are now ...
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Download old attachment file on Gmail marked as a virus [duplicate]

I have an old file attachment ( in my Gmail account. I want to download it but now Gmail says that the file that I want to download is blocked because it is a virus. I think one trick is to ...
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Does Gmail enterprise allow an attachment larger than 25MB?

Just what the title says, the regular Gmail (unpaid) has a limit of 25MB on a file attachment. Does the same limit apply to Gmail Enterprise accounts too?
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How to attach EXE file in Gmail? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I send a windows executable via Gmail? Why doesn't Gmail allow to attach EXE files? It's very annoying. Gmail even denies if I archive the .exe file to .zip. Why did ...
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How can I send a Windows executable via Gmail?

Gmail seems to prevent the sending of Windows .exe files as attachments. What's the easiest and most reliable way around this?
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