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How to download and remove e-mails from IMAP Gmail?

How is Gmail exported so that it's removed from Gmail? Downloading the archive is one aspect, but that's a safe and non-destructive operation. Looking to make it a destructive. Something not far from ...
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Gmail: check emails from other email accounts without importing old emails

it's possible to use Gmail to check emails from other work email accounts without importing all old emails from 10 years ago?
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How to download entire Gmail account in a format prepared to upload to another server (such as Dovecot) / email provider? [closed]

I need to download an entire Gmail account such that it's in a format that's friendly for importation / upload into a Dovecot server. What's the right way to proceed with this so as to not only ...
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Forward email from account that has it blocked

I have a school Google Apps account that has disabled the Gmail auto-forward feature. Is there any way to pull the emails down manually and forward it back up to my personal one?
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How to access "Snoozed" messages via IMAP in Gmail

NOTE: This question was originally asked about "Inbox by Gmail", when it existed, but Inbox has been retired and its Snooze feature rolled into Gmail. This question now applies to the Snoozed messages ...
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Archiving all in Gmail inbox--webmail vs IMAP

I have about 13,000 messages in a Gmail inbox, and would like to switch to a system of archiving messages once they're dealt with, rather than using read/unread status. I know how to do this via ...
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Move Gmail subaccount to new Gmail account

I have an email that imports via POP3 mail from a server but doesn't a leave a copy in the server. Now I need to import all the mails I got via that POP3 to a new Gmail account, I have some personal ...
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Can I see my Gmail inbox tabs as IMAP labels?

I like the new inbox tabs (categories) feature on Gmail, but it's only useful on the web interface. If I use a mail client like Thunderbird I can't see the tabs. Is there any way to give all the ...
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Is there a workaround for Gmail Throttling for a Large IMAP migration

I'm trying to move a former Outlook user to Gmail (not Google apps). I'm using a tool that does this via IMAP; however, I've run into issues with Google times out and stops accepting data. Is there a ...
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How can I delete a message from inbox without deleting it from sent mail?

I belong to a listserv that sends me copies of messages I send to the list address. When I delete the messages from my inbox, GMail also deletes the message from my sent folder. I'm aware that the ...
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Duplicate e-Mails in Mail (Mac OS X) in GMail inbox

I'm using Mail (the Mac OS X app, v4.5) to access my Google Mail account, but every mail sent to my Gmail address arrives twice in Mail. In the global inbox for the Gmail account And one in the IMAP ...
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2 answers

Gmail was accessed by IMAP from a different state, security measures to employ?

My Gmail account appears to have been accessed by IMAP from California. I am in Illinois. IMAP United States (CA) ( 11:20 pm (38 minutes ago) Browser United States (IL) (98.253....
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6 votes
2 answers

Gmail as an IMAP client

Is it possible to let Gmail be an IMAP client? I want to sync two Gmail inboxes by establishing IMAP connections between the two. Clarification: I want Gmail to act as an IMAP client, that is, ...
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3 votes
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Using Gmail for several e-mail accounts with IMAP

I'm using Gmail to read mail from a couple of other accounts that I've got, I've just added the accounts in the Gmail settings under 'Accounts and import'. But I haven't found the ability to add IMAP ...
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