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Questions specifically about the search functions of Gmail, the email service from Google.

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Wildcard search in Gmail

Is wildcard search possible in Gmail?
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How can I sort emails in Gmail by size?

Google has started to warn me that I am almost out of space in my Gmail account. How can I sort my messages by size to identify any expendable large emails in my account?
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How can I perform the same action on all results of a label/search in Gmail?

When I search, for example, "something label:somelabel" I get 1000 results paginated by 25 (my settings). 'Select all' selects only the 25 on the current page, I would like to delete all of them (1000)...
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Gmail Label Search for Parent Label (including all its children)

GMail has some great features, one of which is label tagging to organize your inbox. However, I have a situation where I stuff all "waste of time" emails that sometimes I peruse into the ...
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Search in Gmail - How to search the mails without reply?

I'd like to do a search in my Gmail to find out the mails that I sent without reply. I tried this, but it doesn't work: label:sent -has:reply it seems that the 'has' operator only accept :...
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Search for special characters like “!” in Gmail subject [duplicate]

Does anyone know if in Gmail you can search all messages that have an exclamation mark in the subject? I would like to create a filter that adds a red ! label to the messages that have an exclamation ...
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Is it possible to do partial word searches in Gmail?

Is it possible to do partial word searches in Gmail? For example, if I wanted to search for an email from [email protected] can I search for ndoe?
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Gmail search sometimes fails when text looks like a date

I have come across a rather strange situation. I use Google Apps for Education at work. I have an account that essentially works as a ticketing system for certain types of requests. I use a coding ...
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Google Drive files not showing in Gmail search results

Since today, I don't know why because I didn't change anything, if I search for something in Gmail I only get emails as the search results, my Google Drive files are not showing in the search results, ...
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Why does Gmail search fail on this message

This test message in Gmail: is correctly found by a search for "Length is 7403": but incorrectly not found by a search for "Length is 7418" The message body message is 85,075 bytes long and the ...
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How to search for email of a particular date from years ago in Gmail

There are similar questions and several answers. I tried to follow the methods provided in the answers. They did not work. So I am going to ask it again with more specifics. I only knew the date of ...
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Excluding messages with a given label is ignored if other messges in the conversation lack the label

How can I exclude a given label from a search, effectively finding all the messages that do not have that label applied? I've searched Google, SuperUser, and Search operators you can use with Gmail, ...
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Searching Gmail for messages without a particular label

I need to find, in Gmail, a list of all my unread messages — which I can get via is:unread or label:unread or l:^u — which do not have the label "ZDNet." In other words, my requirement is ...
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Can you search Gmail based on sender's IP address?

Someone is trying to fool me. They are sending mails to me and I'm pretty sure it is someone I know. Via "Show original message" I found the IP address of the sender. With the assumption it is ...
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How can I filter Gmail emails that do not include a plus sign in the to line?

I use email aliases for my email account to design filters sent to me from different sources, for example: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] It's easy for me to set up filters ...
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Filter email based on Gmail plus operator, with wildcard

Due to some programming integration tests I've setup to run often, I'm receiving emails to my gmail with a plus address like so: matt+unittest_1 matt+unittest_2 matt+unittest_3 etc. I would like ...
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Is there a way to search/filter gmail emails by the absolute domain without subdomains (e.g., but not

Is there a way to search/filter gmail emails by the absolute domain without subdomains? If just do a search/filter on it includes all subdomains like,
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How to create a filter with bcc or cc

When I create a filter in gmail I can enter values for the from and to field like this: However, I can't add any value for cc or bcc. I need to create a filter where bcc is from [email protected] . ...
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Why does search in Google Mail not find some substrings but others work?

Today I saw a very strange behavior when searching in Google Mail. I was looking for an eMail which contained an IP: I couldn't remember exactly what it was, but I knew the first ...
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How to filter emails by subject containing a word? [closed]

I want to filter all emails with subjects containing a word. So far I tried subject:(has: abc) but it doesn't work. It works for me in personal free account, but doesn't work in gsuite corporate ...
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Gmail Filters for email Alias

I use gmail workspace for my work, its not but it's [email protected] but we use it in google workspace, gmail, drive and all..Provided by the company.. We have lots of email aliases ...
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How do I link to a specific gmail search, google document etc on the correct google apps domain?

I want to provide links to specific GMail folders, GMail messages, Google Drive items etc on a company webpage. Users may have multiple Google accounts and it is not guaranteed that their primary / ...
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How can 2 people use the same Gmail account and filter incoming e-mails for each user considering Labels are applied per message?

So this one is a serious head-scratcher that is proving much more difficult to resolve than at first glance. I have a Client that runs a small business. They are a husband and wife team and use ...
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