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How do I set all Gmail web views to dark? (List view is good but mail content and settings are not) [closed]

Here are the screenshots: I found that there are quite few options I can select in gmail web version. What I expect: I hope to let the view to follow OS's appearance. Light in day time and dark in ...
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3 answers

Random GMail background image

I'm getting a little tired of the same old GMail themes from "random". GMail lets you use your own background image by giving it a url. Is is possible to give it a url that changes every once in a ...
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Is it possible to have Gmail display messages in alternating colors?

Is there a theme or a workaround available to display e-mails in my inbox in alternating colors (e.g. odd and even lines differ in coloring)?
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Themes disappeared from Google Apps Mail

I've just moved my domain to Google Apps and it's all working properly apart from one thing: Themes in Mail. The standard template is so dull that I really do miss my themes. I had them working for ...
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How to add a background image to a Gmail message [duplicate]

I want to have a background image while I compose a new message in Gmail. I must be able to type over it. Is it possible?
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