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For questions about the Gmail web application as accessed by a desktop or mobile browser. Before asking a question please search this site and the Gmail help center at Tell us what you found and why it didn’t meet your needs. This demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to try to help yourself, it saves us from reiterating obvious answers, and above all, it helps you get a more specific and relevant answer!

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How do I strikethrough text in Gmail?

Basically I want to strike through some text; how can I do this?
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192 votes
8 answers

How to specify "OR" conditions for Gmail filter

How can I filter messages in Gmail using boolean OR conditions? For example, I can specify addresses in the To: or From: fields, but this only matches emails that meet both criteria. How can I match ...
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156 votes
7 answers

How do I retrieve a message I accidentally archived in Gmail?

I was trying to mark an email as "Important" in Gmail and accidentally archived it. Now I cannot locate it, since there is no "archive" label anywhere. How do I get it back?
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Is it possible to create a Gmail filter that works on headers other than From, To, Subject?

I've forwarded one of my really old email addresses to Gmail. I'd like to create a filter so that any mail to that old address is always labeled properly in Gmail. I can create a Gmail filter with ...
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124 votes
5 answers

Add new alias to Gmail without SMTP (forwarding-only address)

I used to be able to go to Accounts and Import → Add another email address you own and add an email account that's only a forwarding address. That is, it's not a mailbox and I don't have SMTP access ...
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How to use boolean AND and NOT operators in Gmail search

I'm trying to find mails that have one address in the recipients but another not in it. I'm trying things like from:[email protected] and not from:[email protected] and from:([email protected] and ...
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1 answer

What does shva=1#inbox mean when Gmail loads?

I recently noticed that when opening my Gmail account, the URL gets changed to ?shva=1#inbox at the end (this can be noticed in the address bar). This happens not only to my Gmail ID, but to others ...
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111 votes
6 answers

What is the easiest way to format code when pasting to Gmail?

I often write mails that partly consist of source code, like Java or C (or any other arbitrary code). In order to get the formatting right, I always have to: Paste the code Indent it correctly ...
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111 votes
6 answers

How can I filter my Gmail messages that aren't labeled?

I'd like to sort all of my Gmail messages that don't have label, so I can process them (I miss some every now and then). I can sort by every label by clicking on it at the left, but how do you sort ...
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106 votes
8 answers

Wildcard search in Gmail

Is wildcard search possible in Gmail?
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102 votes
10 answers

How to use GPG with Gmail?

I would like to read and write GPG encrypted mails within Gmail. I found FireGPG, but the support for Gmail has been discontinued (and I am using Google Chrome as a browser). What is the most ...
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101 votes
8 answers

Gmail & Google Docs: Paste just the text, not the formatting (Firefox, Safari)

When I use Gmail and Google Docs (With Firefox 3.6.6), I often cut text from another HTML or PDF document. When I paste this text into the document body, Gmail and Google doc will paste the text and ...
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94 votes
11 answers

Create a Gmail filter for Calendar Notifications

I'd like to create a Gmail filter to filter all of my Google Calendar notifications into a separate folder. Google Calendar notifications have headers that look like the following: Reply-To: Helen ...
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91 votes
5 answers

How to paste raw HTML into an email in Gmail?

I would like to send an HTML Newsletter from my Gmail account. I have the raw HTML, but how can I paste it into the editor, so Gmail will recognize it as HTML? Is this even possible?
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89 votes
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Can I merge two conversation threads in Gmail?

I really like that gmail keeps related email messages in one "thread" for easy access. But sometimes an email message gets left out. (I suspect the senders email client is misbehaving.) Is there a ...
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87 votes
7 answers

In what order are filters processed in Gmail?

If I have multiple filters that match the same email do they all get processed? If so, in what order are they processed? What if the first filter matched modifies the email to make it match (or no ...
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84 votes
4 answers

Remove email address from suggestions in To field on Gmail

Gmail keeps populating the To field with an out of date e-mail address that I no longer contact. The email address isn't in my address book but I did use it a lot previously (the contact has since ...
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83 votes
15 answers

Export Gmail messages to text or HTML files

I want to be able to export Gmail messages as text or HTML files so that they can be stored, passed around, and easily viewed later. I would really like to be able to locate a selection of my ...
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81 votes
2 answers

How to mark all e-mails as read in Gmail?

I was checking my email on my phone, and for some reason it glitched out and marked every single of my thousand emails unread. Is there any way I can mark all emails as read as once instead of doing ...
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7 answers

Can one delete a Gmail attachment but keep the email?

My Gmail account is starting to get full, so I have been using the new search term larger:1M to find messages containing attachments that are larger than 1 Megabyte. How do I delete only the ...
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80 votes
31 answers

How to send big files via email?

Gmail's maximum attachment size is 25 MB. How to send files bigger than that?
79 votes
5 answers

How can I only search the Primary inbox in Gmail?

With the new Gmail inbox, I've gotten into the habit of ignoring everything that's not in the Primary inbox. I don't care about anything that's in any of the other inboxes (inboxen?). When I search ...
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74 votes
1 answer

How do I execute a filter in Gmail for the current email in my inbox?

I know how to create a filter and once it's created it will execute this filter on all incoming mail. However is there a way to execute this filter on what I already have received?
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72 votes
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Facebook detects if you are logged in Gmail

Today I was playing with some web security, and there was a surprise when I decided to test the Forget the Password link on Facebook. I chose to send the password reset code to my Gmail address, and ...
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70 votes
5 answers

Can I form a direct URL to a particular Gmail account?

Since Gmail implemented multiple sign-on, I have been unable to create a bookmark URL that will always go to my "" inbox. For hosted domains, it's easy enough to make the bookmark URL: https:...
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3 answers

Setting up Gmail to use Markdown to read and send out emails

I've become rather fond of Markdown and think it would be rather well suited to emails. How do I set up Gmail to allow me to format reading and sending emails in Markdown? Is this even possible? If ...
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69 votes
8 answers

How do I split conversations in Gmail?

I posted an ad on a website and when people respond, I get an email from [email protected] titled like this: Reply to your "1999 Pontiac Sunfire - As Is" ad on If two people reply to my ...
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67 votes
2 answers

What does Treat as an alias do in Gmail?

When you set up a new account on Gmail to be able to send messages from that account, one of the options to choose from is Treat as an alias. The only documentation I found about the feature is this ...
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65 votes
6 answers

Search in Gmail - How to search the mails without reply?

I'd like to do a search in my Gmail to find out the mails that I sent without reply. I tried this, but it doesn't work: label:sent -has:reply it seems that the 'has' operator only accept :...
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3 answers

Creating a filter in Gmail that applies more than one label

I've been using Filters for a while in Gmail but have always been wondering if such a feature is available. Is it possible to somehow have a Gmail filter apply more than one label? As you can see ...
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63 votes
12 answers

How can I sort emails in Gmail by size?

Google has started to warn me that I am almost out of space in my Gmail account. How can I sort my messages by size to identify any expendable large emails in my account?
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62 votes
2 answers

Excluding messages with a given label is ignored if other messges in the conversation lack the label

How can I exclude a given label from a search, effectively finding all the messages that do not have that label applied? I've searched Google, SuperUser, and Search operators you can use with Gmail, ...
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62 votes
4 answers

How can I read an IMAP account via Gmail?

Is it possible to read an IMAP email address via my Gmail account? According to the docs I have found they only seem to support reading of POP3, but I find that a bit weird?
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60 votes
7 answers

How can I reorder Gmail filters?

I have more than 20 filters, how can I easily reorder them?
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60 votes
5 answers

How to forward multiple emails in Gmail

Is it possible to forward multiple emails in Gmail without doing each one individually?
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57 votes
6 answers

Is it possible to forward all Gmail messages to another account *including* spam?

It's simple to set Gmail to forward all incoming mail to another account. However, the spam filtering is done before that takes place, so any messages that Gmail considers spam will end up in the ...
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56 votes
4 answers

How do I get Gmail to ask me to be a mailto handler again?

I noticed that when I open up Gmail on Google Chrome, a popup near the top asks me if I want to let Gmail be my "mailto:" handler. If I select "No," I'm assuming that Gmail will no longer ask me to ...
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55 votes
3 answers

How does Gmail decide to thread email messages?

Sometimes I'll notice false positives (includes an email that isn't part of the thread) and false negatives (misses an email that should have been part of the thread). How does Gmail decide which ...
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54 votes
2 answers

How do I recover my Google account, password, or username?

Google Account Recovery Questions This is the canonical target for Google Account questions about recovering usernames and passwords, as well as problems logging in for other reasons. For example: I ...
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53 votes
4 answers

How can I search for Gmail messages on a particular date?

I'm searching for a message on or about a particular date and rather than scrolling through my emails to go back about a year, I'd like to know a search method to only find emails from a particular ...
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53 votes
2 answers

How do you manually block-quote in Gmail's new compose interface?

Gmail recently released a new UI for compose. How do you manually quote a paragraph? The block-quote button seems to have disappeared from the formatting toolbar in the rich text compose editor.
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52 votes
4 answers

How do I get rid of "On Behalf Of" from my sent Gmail messages?

I have a Google Apps account with 1 primary domain and a secondary alias domain (let's say and When I send emails from the alias domain, the receiving person sees the ...
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51 votes
5 answers

In Gmail, how can I attach an attachment from one email to another, without saving the attachment first or forwarding the message?

I often need to attach attachments from one email (or multiple ones) to another, without wanting to forward the original message. In a desktop client I would simply click and drag the attachment from ...
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50 votes
2 answers

Is there any way to send an email from a Gmail plus address?

I know that I can sign up to a service using [email protected], the question I have is how can I send an email from this same address?
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50 votes
15 answers

How can I set a Gmail filter that finds email sent "only to me"?

I want to create a filter for all email sent by me only to me. I do that because when I have a note that I want to remember, I send it to myself. I want to label all those notes so I can find them ...
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49 votes
2 answers

How can I find a message by Message-ID in Gmail?

For archival purposes, I am storing a list of emails. I would like to be able to later find a particular message in my Gmail account. A unique message identifier is its Message-ID. However Gmail does ...
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14 answers

Remove the Chat box from the left pane on Gmail

I don't ever use the chat feature of Gmail. Is there a way to get rid of the chat box on the left side? I can minimize it, but it still shows my name and the "Search, add, or invite" textbox. I can ...
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46 votes
5 answers

How to easily add flight itinerary to Google Calendar from flight confirmation email in Gmail?

I got an email from my colleague about our business itinerary containing flight confirmation as a PDF attachment. Turns out Google can detect that it's a flight confirmation. When I search 'itinerary'...
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45 votes
6 answers

How to export selected emails from Gmail

I would like to export selected emails from my Gmail account to a text file. How can I do this with the Gmail web interface or some other (Linux) option?
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