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For questions about the email services provided by Global Mail eXchange and Global Message eXchange, owned by United Internet AG.

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Why does all email for my POP3 account go to spam?

I added a gmx POP3 account, and for some reason, all email that goes to gmail from there (through POP3) ends up with the following message: This after I added lots of filters to avoid my email to go ...
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Why is GMX refusing to let me sign up for an account?

I'm trying to sign up for a GMX account (I had signed up for another one in the past). When I click the "Sign Up" button, I get a telling me: We’re very sorry – we can’t sign you up Your ...
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Outlook not receiving emails

I hope to post this in the right stack community. Here's the problem: A member of my familly is using an email address, and it seems that she doesnt receive emails since monday. She ...
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Mark all messages as read in GMX webmail

How can I select multiple messages and mark them as read in GMX?
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How can I access GMX calendar outside of web UI?

GMX provides: a mail service accessible through IMAP, a file service accessible through WebDAV, a calendar service. But I've never found if there is any way of accessing that calendar service ...
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Problems with XMPP at

Since a few months I have problems with's XMPP service (note that this is the same company that provides, but it's not the same service). It doesn't update my roster anymore, so if a ...
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