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Google common user account needed to access services provided by Google.

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Having Google's multiple sign-in log in to the same accounts

Since Google Apps accounts and Google Accounts have combined, I can now sign into both accounts but their relationship only lives until the end of the session or I logout. I log back in I have to ...
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How can I change the name associated with my Gmail Account?

If I go into Settings > Accounts and Import, under Send mail as I see the name associated with my account. I would like to change this. If I click Edit Info, I see that the name is selected and it ...
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How does a Google Apps account differ from a Google account?

There's been some news recently that Google Apps accounts, having previously been not quite as full-featured as regular Google accounts, are being upgraded to included additional services (e.g. Reader)...
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Choose which Google Account when accessing Google Groups?

I have a personal Gmail account, and a business Google Apps account. Throughout the day I am logged into both mail interfaces in my browser (Gmail and Google Apps Mail). With the fairly new feature of ...
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Cannot Auto-Login to Facebook after Login to Gmail [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does one log into Facebook using Linked Accounts? I set my facebook link account to be my google account, and thus I expect that I will be auto-login to facebook after I ...
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Merge Google Accounts?

I have a Google Apps Account which has recently been changed to a full Google Account which has the email address . I also have a gmail account with . The Gmail account ...
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Does Google's OAuth URL embed my email address?

When I use Google's OAuth system to login to a website (e.g. a StackExchange site), I see it use a string similar to the following:
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Gmail hacked, no IP alerts

Recently my Gmail was hacked - I was suddenly signed out of Gtalk and my password no longer worked. I was able to reset my password by following my secret question/answer. When I logged in again, I ...
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Change Google Account display?

My first name is Lacto and last name Mah. My Gmail is But why does Google keep showing me: It shows me that one when I have logged in into
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Can I use my Google Apps for domains email address as a Google Profile account?

I have an old Gmail account that I only have hanging around for a Google Profile, so I can use things such as Google Reader. Ideally I'd like to use my Gmail a for domains email address for this sort ...
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Adding a non Google Apps account to a Google Apps Google Voice account

I have Google Apps Standard edition. I upgraded the domain so that user's account are also Google Accounts. I have one of those accounts set up with Google Voice. I would like to enable the forwarding ...
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How do I change my default account with Google multiple sign-in?

After I enable multiple sign-in, and login to multiple accounts, I see that one of them says "(Default)". How do I change which of the accounts is the default one?
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How can I increase the likelihood of having Google Apps Accounts upgraded to Google Accounts?

I currently have the standard edition of Google Apps, and I'm eager to have my Google Apps accounts function as Google Accounts. It's my understanding that this is a phased deployment by Google, with ...
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How can I figure out which apps have access to my Gmail?

I authorized a few apps to work with Gmail. I want to figure out which ones and revoke permission. Do you know where I can find the list of those apps?
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security and google id

There are lots of apps (on my phone, on the web, etc.) that want to use my google id for authentication and to sync data -- news readers, contact info, notes to google docs, etc. In general, they ask ...
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Which Google services have I signed up for?

I have three Gmail accounts. All of them have been used to sign up for different Google services. Is there a page somewhere that tells me which services are associated with my accounts?
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Unauthenticate Google OAuth connections [duplicate]

I authorized access to my account by an application that turned out to not work. Now I want to remove the authorization in case it was malicious. How could I do this?
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Should I give Google my phone number?

Gmail is bothering me lately with this message: Hey, this is important: We don't have a password recovery email address or phone number for your account. If you lose access, we may not be able to ...
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How can I change my Gmail address? [duplicate]

How can my wife explain to gmail that her name changed when we got married? There does not seem to be a way to change my wife’s Gmail’s email address to use my surname. Whatever I try her now ...
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How do I consolidate my Google logins?

Google has the ability to add email addresses to your account, but if you've already made a different Google login with an email address, you can't add it to your account any more. Is there any way ...
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How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts on the Same PC/Browser?

I have a Gmail address with my employer, a personal Gmail address, and a Gmail address for my personal business. My girfriend also has a Gmail address she uses on the same PC. Currently this requires ...
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Google Apps Account vs Google Account

Might be a strange question but... I run a google apps account for my own domain for myself and family members for email, calendar and contacts. Email I have found that when it comes ...
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Migrating Feedburner feeds to another account

I would like to migrate all my Feedburner feeds to another Google Account. I've been looking to add another user as Administrator like it is allowed in Google Analytics but haven't really found the ...
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How easy is it to migrate all your 'Google Account' based services to the 'Google Apps For Your Domain' trial

Just received the following email: I have services such as Reader and Picasa using regular Google Accounts. Is there an easy way to import them in one step? Do I have to export from every service on ...
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How do I unlink my YouTube account from my Gmail account?

My YouTube account has been automatically linked to my Gmail account, but I want to keep my YouTube account separated from my Gmail account. I heard that the feature to unlink accounts was available. ...
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3 answers

Can the primary email of a Google account be changed to something other than the Gmail address?

I've added a Gmail address to my Google account and now it is stuck and displayed as primary address: (Primary email) Remove Is there a way to ...
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Can I re-create deleted Gmail accounts?

A long time ago, I created a Google mail account. I fell for a trap that was common back then (not sure how it is nowadays) and ended up with two Google accounts—one for Gmail (using the Gmail email ...
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How to find a list of sites that I've authenticated with using my Google OpenID?

I use Google's Profile feature when logging into sites that support OpenID. Is there a way for me to get a list of all the websites that I have logged into using my Google Profile as my OpenID.
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Can I change my Gmail email address?

I have a stupidly long email address on Gmail and would like to get it changed, or even just get a new one, but I can't see how. As soon as I log in on Google it knows who I am and signing up for a ...
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Use Google as an OpenID without logging into the rest of it?

Every time I login to Google as my OpenID I stay signed-in. This can get annoying as I feel safer searching Google without being logged-in, even if my dynamic IP is logged. Obviously I can just ...
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