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How can I use Google's functions in a spreadsheet's script?

When I use a function such as =importXml("", "//a/@href") in a Google Spreadsheet cell, it works just fine. However, when I try to use the same function in a script, it gives an ...
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How to pass a range into a custom function in Google Spreadsheets?

I want to create a function which takes in a range... something like: function myFunction(range) { var firstColumn = range.getColumn(); // loop over the range } A cell would reference it using: ...
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Is it possible to use a loop in Google Spreadsheets?

I have the following document: +---+-----------+ | | A | +---+-----------+ | 1 | Foo (100) | | 2 | Bar (30) | | 3 | Baz (50) | +---+-----------+ I'd like to use a REGEXEXTRACT to extract ...
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Writing a spreadsheet script

The above link is a picture of the Google Docs spreadsheet that I am working on. Basically it is a sale ticket for a small appliance parts store. I need to be able to select a range of rows and have ...
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Can I print the Print Date or Save Date in Google Documents?

I've created a word processing document that will be used by many people (a style sheet for writers), and will also be updated periodically. I suspect that well have some who print the document out ...
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Is there any way to create a timestamp in a Google Spreadsheet?

I use PSPad as a text editor, which allows you to press Alt + D to insert a timestamp, e.g.: 2010-07-17 23:45:44 Is there a way to do this in a Google Spreadsheet?
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15 votes
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Is there any way to script a Google Docs spreadsheet?

I have a really complex spreadsheet in Google Docs, and while it works, having the ability to script it a bit (à la VBA in Microsoft Office) would make it a lot cleaner. I heard that this is doable in ...
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How can I set conditional formatting on a particular cell that depends on another cell's value?

In my example I would like to conditionally format column B cells. Those marked with x should be formatted according to value in column A (in the example the value is 1): A | B 1 | x 2 | 3 | 1 | x ...
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