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Copy from individual cell in Google Sheets Table Chart

I'm using appscript to build and insert a table chart into a sheet when a button has been pushed. var chart = sheet.newChart() .setChartType(Charts.ChartType.TABLE) .addRange(outrange2) .setPosition(2,...
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Google spreadsheets: How to get average session per user instead of all users?

In google spreadsheets I'm trying to get the average session per user from Google Analytics, so I tried ga:avgSessionDuration on metrics, ga:date in dimensions, it returned me the time in seconds, so ...
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Different results between Google Embed API vs Query Explorer

I'm new to working with the GA Embed API. When I execute the following query: var timeline = new{ reportType: 'ga', query: { '...
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Hyperlink Based Charts? [closed]

I know that Google provides tex format mathematical equations: in the form of a hyperlink. If I'm doing a flowchart, does Google ...
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Can I use Google Chart Gallery in Google Spreadsheets?

Google Spreadsheets has column charts but I want to use "draw Annotations" like this (Annotations). Column chart doesn't show bar value as "draw Annotations" on top. My chart included these: First ...
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Where did the Google code playground go?

I used to use the Google code playground to visualize and try Google APIs samples. I found it very useful. But I can't find it anymore! Do you have any idea what happened to it and whether is has ...
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Embedding a Google Visualization Chart inside a Google Spreadsheet

Unfortunately, the embedded charts in Google Spreadsheets do not have the customization I want. I would like to use a Google Visualization Chart instead. The documentation discusses how to use a ...
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How to add Google Chart into Orkut Scrapbook? [closed]

I want to add Google Charts into Orkut Scrapbook. How can I do that without hosting the Image?
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