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Use for questions about Google Chat ( Don't confuse it with Google Hangouts.

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How I can I configure the Google Chat web app so that I continue to recieve notifications on my phone?

How can I configure the Google Chat web app so that notifications continue to show up on my phone whilst I also have the web app open in a browser window, which also (optionally if configured to) ...
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Is it possible to tag or mention a person in Google Chat with just their first name?

In Google Chat, I would like to tag/mention a colleague using just their first name, not their entire name. Is this possible? (This question is basically identical to this one, but for Google Chat ...
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A link in a space task only works on the first click

When viewing tasks in the Tasks tab of a Google Chat Space, if a task contains a hyperlink, the hyperlink only opens on the first click. If you click again, nothing happens. Viewing another channel ...
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Old Google chats history, old Hangouts history, is gone

The history of my old Google chats from a few years ago, and my old Hangouts chats, is gone. I have checked all my Google accounts. On some accounts, only some chats have disappeared. On one old ...
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delete Google Chat frequents list

I want to completely clear my Google Chat frequents list of all the people I do not want to associate with. I have already deleted them from other contacts in my Google account and blocked them in ...
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Is it possible to disable Google Chat Markdown formatting?

Is it possible to post text in Google Chat without it being interpreted as Markdown formatting? For example typing *John* is converted to John Escaping characters with \ doesn't seem to work. I haven'...
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New-look Gmail - how to keep chat window visible over emails when minimised?

Up till a week or two ago, if I had a chat open in Gmail it would sit over the top of the emails, and if minimised, would still remain there as a little bar. It would turn blue if there was a new ...
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Receive push notifications on multiple devices in Google Chat

I recently started using Google Chat and ran into an issue while on my Mac. Notifications were appearing only when the tab was open. After reading the support article, I presume this is because I got ...
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How do you make a Google Chat Space accessible to everyone in an organization?

I'm trying to create some spaces for my team like "Lunch" and "Happy Hour" so they can coordinate those things and post relevant topics. However, when I create the space, it does ...
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How to export data from Google Chat? [duplicate]

At [1] Google promises that data can be exported from Google Chat. However: At Google Takeout page [2] in Select data to include there is no Chat product. In the exported .zip archive there is no ...
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What is the storage quota impact of sending files in Google Chat?

Google provides quite comprehensive documentation about how to send files in Google Chat messages, but I have been unable to find any information about how such files affect the sender's Google Drive ...
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How can I Stop receiving notifications from someone without opening theirs chat( Google Chat )

My Company uses Google Chat(G Suite) as an IM client. I'm having trouble and don't want to receive chat notifications from a specific person. I want to clear the "Notifications" checkbox in ...
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Is it possible to change the image Google Chat shows for a URL link?

When a URL link is pasted into Google Chat, it will automatically insert an image of the URL. Is it possible to change the image shown? How does Chat decide which image to take?
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How can I migrate from Hangouts to the new Chat? [closed]

Some of my contacts have migrated to the new Google Chat which means now I need it installed. Some of my conversations were automatically migrated to Chat but some were not and others have trickled ...
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What are the differences in G Suite's Gmail/Google Chat between "Start group conversation" and "Create room"?

What are the differences between these two choices in G Suite Gmail's Interface?
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Forthcoming Google Hangouts and Google Vault changes, the use of chat clients and searchability of chat history

The Setup My organization is a part of G Suite, and our main domain has the classic Hangouts enabled. We're using it combined with applications such as Trillian, Miranda, Pidgin, Adium and other chat ...
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