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Sync Google Cloud Directory users to AD [migrated]

Is there a way to sync Google Directory users to Active Directory (on-prem or extra ID) so that they can log in to domain-joined PCs? It appears to me that GCDS only synchronizes users from AD to ...
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How to identify the source of a Google Service Account [closed]

I inherited some websites that have Google Analytics configured on them. There are various users that have access to these analytics. One user is <id_here> I ...
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No color in Vim while using Google Cloud Shell [closed]

I have recently just got started using Google Cloud Machine Learning. I want to use Vim as my editor and it's there alright but after installing my .vimrc which enables syntax highlighting I'm stuck ...
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Recover Service Account on Google Cloud [closed]

I have deleted a Service Account by mistake and I have been reading this documentation ( but I can't find any option to recover it. ...
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How to get Google Compute Engine free tier? [closed]

On their website they announce a free machine: However, when I try to get it, it is not free: So, how can I get this free machine?
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Better method to schedule instance stop and start in Google Compute Engine [closed]

Currently I schedule my instance shutdown in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) the following way via /etc/crontab: 30 23 * * * sudo poweroff This is done inside GCP instance. Is there better way to do ...
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Google Cloud for source code backup and document storage

I am using Google Drive to store critical documents and source code backups. Google Drive does not encrypt data at rest. I just checked Google Cloud which has following options: Standard DRA ...
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