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Google Cloud Print

Up to and including yesterday, I was able to select to print a Google Sheet directly on my PC system (Linux Ubuntu 18.04) by selecting File → Print (or using the print icon). Since today a new option ...
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How do I remove users from a shared Google Cloud Print printer?

Once I've added users to a shared printer, I can't figure out how to remove them. Clicking "share" from the owner's account gives me a menu that's almost what I want, but there are no drop-downs by ...
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If I move my printer to another site with a different internet connect with Google cloud print still work on it?

I've got a Google cloud print enabled printer (Epson WorkForce WF-7620DTWF) that I've setup to work with Google print. I'm now going to move the printer to another location that will have a ...
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Google Chrome doesn't print to Google Drive. In my Gloogle Cloud Print I don't have Google Drive

Instead of having "Save to Google Drive" like they say here: in my Chrome 48.0.2564.82 m (64-bit) there isn't this ...
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Save document as PDF on Google Drive through Google Cloud Print in Chrome

If you click on Print button (or Ctrl+p) you would see print page where you can select the printer. Among other, local printers there is an option: Print with Google Cloud Print by clicking of ...
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How do I share Google Cloud Print printers with ALL users in a Google Apps domain?

How do I share Google Cloud Print (GCP) printers with ALL users in a Google Apps domain? Sharing GCP printers with specific groups in an Apps domain would be even better. I can add groups to the ...
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