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Can I use Google Colab Pro in a non available (not launched) country through some hack?

I have a google colab pro account which I have created while residing in the USA. Now I am residing outside USA (not in any of these countries: United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Germany, France, ...
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Can I use Google colab without saving the notebook to Drive?

Sometimes when using Google colab I don't need to keep the resulting notebook. I'd like to use colab as a scratchpad, rather than cluttering the Google Drive in my account with UntitledXX.ipynb files. ...
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How to change file types in Google Drive?

I have 2 files in My Drive with ipynb extension. One is marked as Unknown file type and has a blue icon, and the other is marked as Colaboratory type. How do I change both to be Colaboratory?
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Unzip file in Google Drive using colab?

I tried using the command: from google.colab import drive drive.mount('/gdrive/') !unzip -uq "/gdrive/My Drive/" -d "/gdrive/My Drive/File/" This worked out for small file like a zipped ...
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How to unzip a .zip file on Google Drive?

I have a zip file of about 5GB on my Desktop. I am using Mac 10.12.6. I was able to upload this zip file to Google Drive and I could see it there but I could not unzip it in Google Drive to see the ...
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