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YoY in Google Looker Studio?

I connected Google Looker Studio a.k.a. Data Studio to a database with sales data from 5 years ago until now. When I plot the data onto a stacked bar chart, the current year lags behind because we're ...
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Problems merging 4 columns into 1 and charting them in Data Studio

I would need to unify the data from columns Metod_1,Metod_2,Metod_3,Metod_4 and Metod_5 into a single column, but keeping the resolution date data associated to each row: Having resolved the above ...
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Google Data Studio - can I use Bubble Chart to show totals for fixed combinations of X and Y (not statistics but values)

So I have a list of items that have Impact and Urgency parameters. These parameters all have a value of 1, 2 or 3. I'd like to visualize a grid that shows the amount of items for each combination of ...
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Google Sheets graph jump by 1 on the horizontal axis

How can I change the graph’s horizontal axis to show a jump by 1 instead of 2?
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Average monthly pageviews from Google Analytics in Google Data Studio

I'm using a Google Analytics property as a data source in Google Data Studio. I have a table where each row is a section of the site (The table dimension is "Page path level 1"). I'd like each row ...
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How do I remove a "null" column or legend in Google Data Studio?

I have a simple Google Sheet for my source for Google Data Studio charts. Legends in pie charts and columns in bar charts show a "null" that I can't explain. My columns display correctly but there's ...
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