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Limit Google Doc add-on's access to documents

Is there a way to install a Google Doc add-on and limit its access, so it can only access specific documents that I have designated (rather than gaining access to all of my documents)? I am trying to ...
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Which language format to choose for GCP "Logging query language" in the Code Blocks Extension of Google Docs?

Which language format should I choose in the Google Docs Extension "Code Blocks" to get the Logging query language The Logging query language syntax can be thought of in terms of queries ...
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Do Add-ons Travel with Google-Docs?

Add-ons provides functionality beyond what Google provides. If a shared document is constructed using this new functionality, does the editor have complete access to the incremental functionality of ...
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Can "Page Sizer" Google Docs add-on read my Google Docs? The "Page Sizer" add-on to Google Docs would be wonderful! But even though I read through their: https://apps.burnskids....
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Google Docs - Automatic Links/Macros to Section Numbers

I'm not sure the proper terms for what I'm trying to do, but essentially, consider if I have the following headers in my document: 1. Section a. Sub-Section b. Sub-Section c. Sub-Section 1. ...
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Adding a Generated QR Code from Google Sheet to an Avery "Mail merge" template in Google Docs

Using the Avery Google Docs Add-on I am attempting to make some labels with QR codes on them. You will need to open Google Docs then install the add-on in docs. you will also need a spreadsheet ...
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How do I automatically start an add on for Google Docs?

I'm currently using the Code Blocks add on for Google Docs but everytime I open a new tab, it requires a manual restart. Is there anything that can be done, perhaps writing something custom (like ...
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