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For questions about the web version of Google Documents, the word processor from Google. For questions about the file manager application use tag [google-drive] instead. Do NOT normally apply both to the same question.

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How do I add new styles to Google docs?

Google docs has a nice set of styles such as "Normal text" and "Heading 1". How do I add my own? I want to add a style called "code" for text that is programming code.
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13 answers

How can I get code syntax highlighting in Google Docs?

Is there way to switch on syntax highlighting in Google Docs? Personally I use it for editing and collaborating on C++ files, but PHP or SQL syntax highlighting also would be interesting.
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165 votes
12 answers

How to view the parent folder of a Google Document?

Often I have the direct link to a Google Document (mine or an organizational shared one) and want to find documents that are stored within the same folder. To do so, I would need to determine the ...
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Make a single page landscape in Google Documents

I have a really large table and I need to add it to a portrait document. Is there any way to make a single page landscape in Google Docs? In Word you could add a "Section break" and do that. But I'm ...
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Is there a way to insert today’s date into a Google Docs?

I've looked under insert > ...? but couldn't find anything. Can this be done via an inbuilt function or a custom script?
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2 answers

How do you left-align and right-align items on the same line in a Google Document?

I want to have something written in the top-left corner and top-right corners of my document. So I want some text aligned to the right, some to the left, at the same height. I could do it with ...
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A faster way to access Strikethrough on Google Docs

I use a document on Google Docs as a simple to do list. I hate it that I have to access the Strikethrough command via a menu. Is there a hidden keystroke to toggle Strikethrough or perhaps a way ...
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8 answers

Gmail & Google Docs: Paste just the text, not the formatting (Firefox, Safari)

When I use Gmail and Google Docs (With Firefox 3.6.6), I often cut text from another HTML or PDF document. When I paste this text into the document body, Gmail and Google doc will paste the text and ...
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93 votes
5 answers

How do I add a caption to an image in Google Documents?

When inserting an image into a Google Document, text can be made to wrap around the image by clicking on it and choosing the "Wrap Text" option. How can I also add a caption to the image, with text ...
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Embed Google Spreadsheet in Google Document

Is it possible to embed a Google Spreadsheet into a Google Document à la Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word? How about a chart from a Spreadsheet?
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15 answers

Always a blank line above where I insert a table?

In Google Docs, when I insert a table, there seem to be always a blank line above the table. See the screenshot below. How do I prevent that?
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11 answers

Can I format the Google Docs Table of Contents to only include certain headers?

I would like to have the Table of Contents only include Heading 1 and not any of the others. Is there a way to set the Table of Contents to exclude the rest of the headings?
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71 votes
3 answers

Putting page numbers in a table of contents in Google Docs

I want to create a table of contents in a Google Docs document where the page numbers are automatically referenced. Is it possible to put page numbers in a table of contents like this?
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4 answers

How to change measuring units in Google Docs?

In a Google Docs document, I would like to be able to specify the page margins (File → Page Setup) in millimeters instead of inches. Is it possible to switch between imperial and metric units?
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7 answers

Can I get header numbering in Google Docs?

Is there a way to automatically number headings in Google Docs? It used to be possible with CSS but this feature isn't supported anymore in the new Google Docs version.
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56 votes
2 answers

How to insert source code in Google Docs? [duplicate]

Is there a easy way to insert source code with highlight in Google Docs?
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9 answers

How to create an em dash in Google Documents?

In most word processing applications, entering two sequential dashes is enough to create an em dash. Not in Google Documents: It'd be nice if those two hyphens joined together — wouldn't it? (...
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6 answers

How to center a table in Google Docs?

Centering data within a table cell or cells in Google Docs is straightforward and easy (i.e., highlight and center). How would I center an entire table?
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1 answer

Can I install custom fonts in Google Docs

I want to know if I can use my custom fonts in Google Docs or any other Google Drive products.
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12 answers

How to print a Google Docs document with comments in the margin?

Is there any way to get a Google Docs document to include its comments in the PDF file that it creates when you click the "print" button?
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3 answers

How to change the default style of text links in Google Docs

I want to format the default style for text links—currently the color is blue & are underlined. Is this possible? And if yes, how can I do it?
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8 answers

How can I change the font in Google Docs just with keyboards shortcuts?

Question I have Google Docs open in the Google Chrome browser on a Mac. Now I select a piece of text and want to change it's font just with keyboard shortcuts -- without using the mouse. Example ...
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5 answers

Easy way to convert text lines into table rows?

I have a piece of text with many lines. What's the easiest way to convert these lines into rows of a Google Docs table? (Sure, I could create a table manually and 1-by-1 copy/paste each line into ...
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3 answers

Block quote and folding in Google Docs

Block Quote: In the old version of GoogleDocs there was an option to block quote paragraph, which would create a nice dotted box for the paragraph and make it like a section in a very big doc. Did ...
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38 votes
2 answers

How can I change the default styles for Google Docs?

In Google Docs, how can I change the built-in paragraph styles for a document? For example, the font size, font family, line and paragraph spacing, etc.
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36 votes
6 answers

Is there a way to create a link to a particular position inside a Google Doc?

If I have shared a Google Doc with someone so we both can edit it, is there a way I can send that purpose a URL that, when clicked, takes that person to the Google Doc and scrolls down to a particular ...
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35 votes
4 answers

Show resolved comments on Google Docs in context without re-opening them?

I have a Google Docs document when there were a lot of comments. These comments have been resolved, however, I still need to see them in context. You could re-open them, but I don't really want to do ...
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5 answers

Is there a keyboard shortcut for "Accept Suggestion" in Google Docs?

I do a lot of reviewing suggestions in Google Docs and I have the cursor "within" suggested text and would like to accept/reject the suggestion with a keyboard shortcut. From what I can tell there ...
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6 answers

Can I be notified if a Google Drive (Sheets or Docs) document is changed?

I have a couple of documents in Google Sheets/Docs that, whenever they are changed by people they are shared with, I'd like to be notified (don't care if the difference of the change is sent, just "...
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4 answers

How do you move a row in a Google Docs Document table?

[The question is somewhat obsolete; the new behavior does something reasonable on a paste when you've copied an entire row. As far as I can tell, there's still no way to move a row directly. The ...
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32 votes
5 answers

URL to create a new Google document

What is the current URL to create a new Google Document please? Since Google last updated their Docs the old URL does not work.
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32 votes
3 answers

Multiple references to the same footnote in a Google doc

How do I add multiple references to the same footnote in Google Docs? When adding footnotes the usual way (selecting Insert > Footnote in the menu), a new footnote is created every time. But if I ...
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6 answers

Is there a way to use Font Awesome icons in Google Docs?

I often design UIs in Google Docs (b/c it's really easy to share and let people comment). I can't find a list of image (.png, etc.) versions of Font Awesome icons.
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3 answers

Why can I not see revision history of shared Google Docs documents?

My friend shared a document with me on Google Docs. The document was then edited, and is now at revision 2. How do I view revision 1? For some reason I cannot click "see revision history". Are ...
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1 answer

In copy/paste, Google Docs says "These actions are unavailable via the Edit menu, but you can still use Ctrl C" etc?

When selecting copy/paste from the right-click menu, why does Google Docs pop up a dialog to say: Copying and Pasting in Google Docs with the message: These actions are unavailable via the Edit ...
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29 votes
2 answers

How can I link to revision history on Google Docs?

When I load revision history in Google Docs, it does not change the URL. Is it possible to link to a history entry in Google Docs?
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7 answers

How to "group together" each paragraph in Google Docs (or "protect it" so that it goes together on the same page)?

Short question: In Google Docs, can I make a paragraph not span 2 pages? That is, the same paragraph will show on one page only. Details: In Google Docs, to edit my resume (CV), I was going to add "...
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28 votes
3 answers

How do I change Google Docs default quotation symbols

Default quotation symbols in Google Docs are curly ones “”. I would like to use command line quotes like "". I can't find any solution except: Insert -> Special Characters -> Punctuation -> ...
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28 votes
8 answers

How to lock a Google Docs?

I would like to lock an important Docs in Google Drive, so that modification I made in fly-by-mistakes don't get saved. I am the owner of the document. Is this possible? Or is there a feature ...
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28 votes
4 answers

How to use text from capturing groups in Google Docs regex replace?

I'm trying to match certain text and then replace with the text plus some extra characters. Minimal example text: #10 Oranges. These are citrus fruits Desired output: #10 Oranges. These are citrus ...
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7 answers

Link to view PDF version of a Google Docs

I think there used to be a way to link to the PDF version of a Google Docs, but now I can only make a link that downloads the PDF instead of viewing it in the browser. Does anybody know if the old ...
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6 answers

Is it possible to format small-caps in Google Documents?

I have found the need to format text in small caps (with minuscule letters looking like capitals, but still maintaining their size) in Google Docs. I have looked over, under, and in the Docs option ...
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26 votes
6 answers

In Google Docs can the entire background colour for a piece of text be changed?

I know there's highlighting the background of text, but this only applies to the background around the text. Can the entire background be changed in colour so it doesn't look all choppy? I need ...
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26 votes
5 answers

How to hide page number on first page?

I have setup a document with page numbers within the footnote. Now I want to hide the number for the first page as it is the document's cover sheet.
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6 answers

How can I insert a cross-reference to a figure in Google Docs?

Similar to the cross-reference feature of Word, how can I insert a cross-reference to a figure in Google Docs?
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1 answer

How to automatically size tables to the entire width of a Google Doc?

When I insert a table into Google Docs (say 2x3), something magical happens: ... whenever I delete any of the three columns (say "c" in this case), the table automatically resizes the columns to span ...
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4 answers

Create a table of contents with hyperlinks in Google Docs

Is there a way to create a table of contents in Google Docs like you would in a wiki? I have huge documents with many sections. I currently use block quotes to separate those sections and keep things ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Is Google Docs' Revision History a stable long-term audit trail?

Are all our changes logged, safe, saved, secure and downloadable? Has Google Docs committed to it all being seeable, shareable, protected and preserved? Remembering what was said is important. I ...
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23 votes
6 answers

Change background color of single page in Google Document

I would like to know how to change the background color of the cover page of a multi-page Google Document.
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2 answers

How do I change my nickname or display name on Google Docs?

How do I set a different display name to show on in the revision history of a Google Docs document? When I look at the revision history of a shared document that I've edited, all my edits are showing ...
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