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Google Domains Squarespace problem [migrated]

I am a Google Domain website owner. In 2023, Google Domains is being migrated to Squarespace. During this time, They sent me a link to Squarespace, and for months I have logged into Squarespace ...
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Can I transfer a domain to google, even if they don't sell it?

I'm looking to get a domain name, .es, but Google itself doesn't sell them. If I purchase it, will I be able to transfer it, or will it be deemed invalid on their servers?
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How to setup email forwarding for subdomains? e.g. [email protected] -> [email protected]

I recently purchased a domain from Google domains, and am using email forwarding to forward emails to a specific Gmail address. As of right now, emails are forwarded from an address under the format ...
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Google Domains DNS: MX Record Already In Use [closed]

I'm trying to add a second MX record with a different priority by get this "record already in use" error.
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How can I sign in to someone's Google Domains account who is in a different geographic area from me?

I'm taking over hosting my sister's website. Her domain is registered with Google and she needs me to sign in to that account to update the A record to point to my server. Every time I try to sign in ...
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How do I add a new G Suite account to a domain from Google Domains?

How do I add a G Suite account to a domain purchased from Google Domains? I just registered a domain on Google Domains. When I go to the email tab, I see: Get a custom email address Manage G ...
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Why does redirect to my university's Google Apps?

I work at a university. All students get a third party Gmail and Google Apps account but staff do not. Now I can't administer my domains that are expiring. Every time I try to go to ...
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Will I get an error message if I ordered a domain name which turns to not be available?

When reading the terms of service, I saw : Google does not guarantee that Registrant will be able to register or renew a desired domain name, even if Google’s systems indicate that the domain name ...
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