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Searching for files with parenthesis in Google Drive

As Google Drive seems to create duplicate files with a " (1)" at the end, without the quotes, when it's not sure how to resolve conflicts, it would seem sensible if you could actually search ...
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Google Drive: is it possible to specify "sort by last modified" in either the search field or the URL?

In the web UI for Google Drive, if you search for something like owner:xx is:starred you can just paste that string into the search field and get the same result every time. You can also bookmark the ...
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How to find Google-proprietary files (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, etc.)

My employer had a kind of "Google for life" plan for GSuite/Drive from years ago, but the current proposition from Google apparently is too costly and we must reduce space to respect a quota....
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Can't search drive files within Gmail anymore

I've noticed my queries using the search bar in Gmail don't return files in my Google Drive anymore. The files used to appear as a suggestion below the bar while I was typing. Is there a way to turn ...
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Google Sheets - Create Searchable FedEx Tracking from Barcode Scan

We use about 100 Google Sheets to track incoming packages for various companies. When we receive a UPS package, we scan the barcode, assign it to a sheet, and when we search the tracking number in ...
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OR/AND in Google Drive search terms?

I can imagine situations where it would be really nice to be able to use complex conditions on Google Drive searches. Is it possible to OR and AND search terms? Right now, I'd like to search on Google ...
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Google Scripts DriveApp searchFiles does not work on a specific folder

I am trying to search through some files stored in a specific folder on Google Drive using Google Scripts. This is for creating a "Deployment Folder" for my school for the upcoming academic session. ...
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What is the search operator to exclude files already added to My Drive?

In Google Drive, I want to find files that I have visibility but are not yet added to My Drive, how can I do that using Advance Search or search operators in the search bar? There's a similar ...
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How to prevent Google Drive from OCR scanning your image files?

I realized that image files in Google Drive are 'ocr scanned' for words (letters, numbers). Because they appear in Google Drive search results afterwards... Is it possible to disable this automatic '...
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How to see all files shared to a specific user Google Drive?

Context: You want to find all the files/folders that you have access to or are part of your organization which are shared to a specific user. This is an important ability to security if you need to ...
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search my google drive for all documents that have been shared with a link privately or are open on the web

Is it possible to search for all google drive documents that have been shared with a link privately or are open on the web ? In the advance search you can search for files shares with particular ...
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How to know what files on Google Drive (sheets, docs, slides) has GAS inside?

How to know (search or filter search results) if file on Google Drive (sheet, doc, slide) has GAS inside because Google Apps Scripts are hidden inside files (i.e. custom functions) impossible to ...
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Is there a link to automatically open the first result in Google Drive?

I am looking for an equivalent to the Google Search "I'm feeling lucky" functionality. Whenever I know the first search result will be the file I am looking for, I would like to skip the actual search ...
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How do I remove the Google Drive icon from the task bar? I do not want to use Google Drive but I still want access to Google search [closed]

How do I remove the Google Drive icon from the task bar and Google Drive from my computer? I do not want to use Google Drive but I do want to have access to Google search.
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How can a guest viewer search my Google drive contents?

I would like a guest viewer, with or without their own Google account, to be able to search the contents of my drive. Is there any neat way of providing such a search function?
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Search all public resources in Google Drive

I want to know how to find all public resources in Google Drive that I can access. My Google account is from my company and I would like to look for public resources like presentations, etc.
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How do you jump to or find a folder?

On my laptop I'm forced to use the web version of Google Drive. Once I have My Drive displayed, and have opened the "master folder" that contains 75 sub folders, the only way I know to move to the ...
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Google Photos Search vs Drive Search results difference

I've just encountered a weird behavior on the Google photos search. I have a Google account which I'm using only for storing photos. All the photos are uploaded via the Google photos app (so there ...
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Why can't I search Google Drive for text within the Google Docs in it?

I was discussing with a colleague the option of using Google Docs as a wiki system. I quickly tested adding several docs with dummy text in it. However when I searched for that text in the overall ...
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Search for a value in all Google Sheets at once

I have hundreds of spreadsheets in Google Drive and I am trying to find a value in one of the files. For example, I need to find all sheets that have a $1000 value, but I don't want to open each one ...
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Advanced Google Drive search -- locating the file

I have discovered that there is an app option that I can filter you out specific mime type files, like"your app name". But what if I want only specific ...
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How to know when the contents of a PDF in Google Drive are indexed for searching

I wrote a nice routine that allows me to get file Ids of 200 PDF files (uploaded some minutes ago onto my Google Drive) and setValue of a Google Sheet with those Ids. In order to get the correct file ...
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How do I search old revisions of Google Documents?

I know how to search in Google Drive, and how to view old revisions of documents. But is it possible to search all revisions at once?
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How to exclude Google Photos from Google Drive searches? [closed]

When I perform searches I frequently receive a lot of results of photos in my searches. I would like to exclude these from my searches, how can I do this? Is there a cheatsheet of sorts that show ...
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How do I search for keywords in Google Docs, and see the results with context? [closed]

I have many documents stored on Google Docs as text or spreadsheets. In many of them I put little "todo: something notes" I would like to search though them and see a list somewhere Is that ...
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