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For questions about Google Finance - service focusing on business news and financial information. Can be applied also on Google Sheets' GOOGLEFINANCE function.

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How can I get GOOGLEFINANCE to return only the historical price of a stock and not an array?

I'm trying to figure out the cost basis of some stock that I sold last year and I can't quite get GOOGLEFINANCE to do what I want. The stock was purchased through a DRIP so there are about five shares ...
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Google Sheets - Historical Data not returning yesterday

The formula below is been used to get the historical data until today: =GOOGLEFINANCE("GOOG","ALL",DATE(YEAR(TODAY())-1,1,1),"12/05/2019","DAILY") Unfortunately I don't receive today's data (until ...
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How to get close price for last date market was open?

When using the GOOGLEFINANCE formula to get historical prices and performance for different periods, if the date used in the formula is one where the market was closed the formula returns #N/A. This ...
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Automatically store updated GOOGLEFINANCE values with a script

Hello, I want to keep track of the profit of the combination of many stock values. To do that I have my google Spreadsheet with many formulas calculating the profits or losses ratios taking into ...
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How can I use GOOGLEFINANCE to return a share price in a certain currency?

I have shares in different currencies that I want to track in only a single currency. I currently have a cell that returns the currency and one that returns the price, I then multiply them. However, I'...
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