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For questions about Google Finance - service focusing on business news and financial information. Can be applied also on Google Sheets' GOOGLEFINANCE function.

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How can I get ''OHLC'' data rather the Close only?

=GoogleFinance("CURRENCY:EURUSD","all","1/23/2005","50") The code above just fetch the close rate and leaves the other columns blank. How to fix that?
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Google Spreadsheet Stock Sparkline Trend Conditional Formatting

I am trying to do a Sparkline whose color changes based on the trend and for some reason the if clause which gets its input from google finance isn't working =sparkline(query(googlefinance($C5, "...
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googleFinance calculating the standard deviation of a stock over a time period

Can I calculate the standard deviation of a stock over a time period in GoogleFinance?
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How to get Google Finance Intraday data into Google Spreadsheet?

I want to import data from following link into Google Spreadsheet
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How to get close price for last date market was open?

When using the GOOGLEFINANCE formula to get historical prices and performance for different periods, if the date used in the formula is one where the market was closed the formula returns #N/A. This ...
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Stock Sparkline for today/hourly

I am trying to make a sparkline graph in Google Sheets that tracks the stock price of TODAY using google finance as time progresses. For example, at 8am it would show the opening price, and by close ...
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Automatically store updated GOOGLEFINANCE values with a script

Hello, I want to keep track of the profit of the combination of many stock values. To do that I have my google Spreadsheet with many formulas calculating the profits or losses ratios taking into ...
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Remove Header from GOOGLEFINANCE query [duplicate]

I want to create a graph with different stock values starting and ending at a certain day. To do that I create a table like this: Where the first column is the market and the second one is the ticker ...
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Google Finance API call for stock dividend (Yield)?

Is there an API call to use in a Google Spreadsheet to get a stock's Dividend Yield (% annual yield)
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How to add refreshed data to new column in Google Sheets

I am making a Google Sheets app that reads column A which has a stock symbol and puts the price in the column to the right using =GOOGLEFINANCE I have this refreshing every day and appending to the ...
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Google Finance / Spreadsheets

I have been trying to get Net Assets and 1 Week Return for SPY on Google Spreadsheets but keep ending up with #N/A. I have been following the information from this sheet but have yet to figure out ...
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How can I get GoogleFinance to see 1 year and 5 year return of a stock?

You can use GOOGLEFINANCE("name", "return52") for mutual funds, but not for stocks. Is there another way to get the same result?
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Google Finance Chart Zoom not working

If I pick a stock, say Ferrari, and view it's stock price chart at Google Finance, and click on different zoom levels, e.g. 5y or 10y, the chart does not update. This occurs in Chrome and Internet ...
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Automatic currency conversion

I would like to add an automatic conversion thing to my spreadsheet. I have two columns, A1 titled Money in USD and B1 titled Money in BRL. I want to make it so whenever I enter a value in the USD ...
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How can I get GOOGLEFINANCE to return only the historical price of a stock and not an array?

I'm trying to figure out the cost basis of some stock that I sold last year and I can't quite get GOOGLEFINANCE to do what I want. The stock was purchased through a DRIP so there are about five shares ...
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