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Add additional fonts to "My fonts" within Google Docs

I've noticed that you can now add your own fonts to Google Docs. When clicking the More fonts... button, the following dialog box appears: On the right hand side, the My fonts section shows some ...
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Preview custom text in by URL

Occasionally found this type of link (Google Fonts Previewer undocumented feature?) - search with query:|...
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How to add an unlisted font in Google Docs

I really want the font UnifrakturCook. I tried the Extensis fonts add-on, and it's not working. How can I get the font onto my Google Doc?
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Change text content globally on Google Fonts

On the old Google Fonts website we used to be able to change the text content for all the fonts using an input field at the top of the page. With the new Google Fonts website, the text content is ...
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How to use Google Font in

Is it possible to use Google Fonts ( in
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Google Fonts make use of CSS3? [closed]

Just a quick question. Does Google Fonts just make use of the technology of CSS3? (Which means they just host fonts in their servers, instead of ours. And let us load their fonts, with some of their ...
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How do I use Google Web Fonts for Google Documents?

A number of 2010 blog posts from Google seems to imply this is possible, but I can't seem to move fonts from Web Fonts to Google Documents. Is it even doable?
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