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Tagging in email or mobile view

My Google group has the option "require at least one tag" enabled, and in desktop view users cannot post without a tag. However, in mobile view: The option to tag is not even displayed on the new ...
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Letting users subscribe to messages that have certain tags in a Google Groups

I have a Google group, and the discussion is slowly catching up. We use several tags for each post. Is there a way to let users subscribe ONLY to some tags? Either directly through the Google Groups ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Restricting Google Groups Tag Use

Is it possible to restrict the use of specific tags to moderators/admins only in Google Groups (e.g. "status-completed" on Meta Stack Overflow)? I've taken a look at the Google Groups help pages and ...
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Tag email posts in Google Groups

Is it possible to tag email post in Google Groups? I am able to tag new post that I create but am not seeing the tag option on topics that came in from email.
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