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New Error with Google Maps and Identifying Locations?

I'm having a new error appear when trying to upload something to google maps: Oops! We're having trouble finding those locations. Did you pick the correct location columns?. The reason this is so ...
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Permanently add markers from a custom Google "My Maps" to my Google maps so visible everywhere

I have created some maps with Google My Maps that show many useful points. Best of all these allow custom colours and icons. It is possible to see these markers on my regular Google Maps by selecting ...
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1 answer

How to highlight trails on Google Maps?

If I zoom in really far on Google Maps it'll show trails (like rail to trail: Virginia Creeper) But if I zoom back out it disappears. I've looked in the menu at Layers and have read that Layers ...
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Why does text for Macau look smaller than Hong Kong?

I thought Macau and Hong Kong only differ by size but are both SARs of China. Why does Google Maps make the text "Hong Kong" bigger?
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Why does Google Maps give different coordinates from what was entered

When I enter the coordinates 37°01.67'N 027°25.12'E into google maps it gives me the pin in the correct place, but seems to change those coordinates and gives conflicting results
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How can I turn off unwanted labels without losing street names in satellite view?

I want to view my hometown in satellite mode, with street names only - I don't want labels for local restaurants, gas stations, pubs et cetera obscuring my view. If I turn off labels, I lose the ...
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