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For questions on Google Multiple Accounts Login, which allows a user to be signed in to multiple Google accounts at once. (Questions about accounts on smartphones are off-topic here.)

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How to create a direct link to a gmail account that will take you to the login screen

This question seems to be asking almost the same thing, but for some reason I can't get any of the answers to fully work in my situation. I'm looking for a direct link I can put in a web app to ...
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How to use multiple Google accounts with Google Classroom without G Suite being the default account?

I'm using Google Classrooms to support my course at a university through G Suite. Many of my students already have a Google account that is different from the G Suite account. So they are dealing with ...
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How do I sign out of a single Google account?

I am trying to sign out of a Google account I have on Chrome, running on macOS. I do not see a "sign out," "log out," or a "remove account" button anywhere in the account dropdown. I only can see a "...
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How do I access the Google login page for a non-SSO account, if an SSO IDP is redirecting me?

I have a work Google account and a personal Google account. The work Google account uses a SAML identity provider (like Auth0, Okta, OneLogin, etc). The personal Google account is just a regular non-...
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Google switches primary and secondary email accounts regardless of login order

I have two separate email accounts logged into Google Chrome that switch order regardless of the order I log into them. I want to stop this from happening. I log into my personal email first, so that ...
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How to remove accounts from "Choose an account" list in Google sign in?

When signing in with Google (OAuth), it shows a list of accounts it already knows about. How can I remove some accounts from this list? I know I can nuke all of them by deleting all cookies, but I'd ...
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How to make the default Gmail account different from Chrome profile account?

I've tried other solutions to change the default Gmail account but they have only worked temporarily on Chrome. My Chrome is set to sync with the account with email A (and I want it to stay that way) ...
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Clean up the list of options shown when opening my Gmail account [duplicate]

When opening Gmail (email account) - clicking on the Gmail icon opens my daily account but I have others - so I highlight the daily email address and a dialogue box opens with possible options, ...
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Logged into multiple Gmail accounts; first is automatically chosen for oAuth

I am logged into multiple accounts on Gmail. I had a bad habit for a number of years where I'd switch email addresses and forward all my mail from the previous one. The problem is, when I try and ...
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How can I sign in to a newly created Gmail account?

I added a third Gmail account last night. I am unable to log into it from another computer. If I go to, it takes me to (automatically logs me into ...
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I'm logged into two Google accounts, and every time I open Gmail, the wrong account is used [duplicate]

Let's say my 2 Google accounts are called Primary and Secondary. I chose these names to reflect their function: I almost exclusively use "Primary". But I'm logged into both (intentionally). Every time ...
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Stop Chrome from asking me which account I want to log in as?

A while back I logged into an application using another account from my company. Now whenever I go back to that application, I am routed to the URL:{giant ...
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Account already disabled - Change Default Account

My Default Account was my work account. I am now retired, so that account has already been disabled by my former employer, but when I sign in to Google, it appears as my 1st choice. In all of the ...
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284 views URL Shortener Switch Accounts

When I go to and am signed into multiple accounts, I cannot switch accounts like I can with any other Google app. Is there a way to at least control which account I will be let in as?
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How to remove an account from Google login options? [duplicate]

When I am in the main screen where I get to choose which account, it does not give me the option to remove an account. When I click the arrow, it just signs into that account.
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Sign out one at a time from multiple Gmail accounts in Chrome

Anyone has solution how to sign out one account at a time instead of signing out all at one time in Gmail? Because, for example, I use Gmail account A to Sync my whole data, like Chrome, Google Keep,...
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Google Docs use multiple accounts without signing out

I have four Google accounts and in two of them I use Docs regularly. But I can't switch accounts in Google Docs (in Drive I can): As you can see, all other accounts are disabled. On some pages it ...
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How do I get my own Gmail account on my laptop? [duplicate]

Want to open in my Gmail email account, but can't. I've set up a new Gmail account for a friend on my computer and now every time I go to my Gmail account, my friend's login details come up instead.
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Default Gmail account [duplicate]

My daughter logged in to her Gmail account and it seems to be the default; when I open Gmail, hers is first choice, then mine; she lives in another state and only used her account here once. How do I ...
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Remove account from Google Account chooser

I've looked at several forums like this one and this one but since Google changes their interface every couple days, they're all wrong. Here's what my sign in page looks like today and I can't remove ...
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Force Google+ to login using correct user

I have multiple Google App accounts. I have one for work and one(or more) for personal use. Whenever I visit, it will attempt to open Google Plus for an arbitrary account. (...
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Specify default Google account for different products

I have two Google accounts, my main one which is used for Drive (formerly Docs), Calendar and also a lot of 3rd party apps via the 'login with Google' feature. The other Google account I use for my ...
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How do I Log out of Google Accounts, one at a time?

I volunteer for many organizations, earning me several Google accounts to manage. The Multiple account sign-in feature built into Google is wonderful, except when I click Sign out, its signs out of ...
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Is there a way to get directly to the desired user for a specific Google service while using multiple sign-in?

I am permanently logged in as two users, Google Apps for domains and also my non-Google Apps Gmail account. This is what happens whenever I am using Google Apps for domains, and want to use other ...
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How do I remove an account from Google multi-login?

I have three accounts among the multiple accounts I have for Google's products. One of them belongs to a friend who accidentally made his account one of mine when he was using my PC. How do I remove ...
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Disable multiple-account sign in Gmail

I accidently linked two accounts together with Gmail multiple account sign-in. When I go to there is supposed to be an option about multiple sign in under the ...
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How can I log directly into Gmail when I am also signed into Google Apps?

Background: I have one Gmail account and two Google Apps e-mail accounts that I use on a regular basis: <> <> <>...
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Make "Switch account" menu default in new Google multiple sign-in interface

Google's new interface requires an additional step to switch accounts: Click email/ID in upper right-hand corner Click "Switch account" (This is the additional step.) Click account or "Sign in to ...
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Bookmark to Google Reader for a specific account [closed]

I have multiple Google accounts including a personal account, and a Google Apps account for work. I want to create a bookmark will send me to my work Google Reader account directly where I have ...
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Having Google's multiple sign-in log in to the same accounts

Since Google Apps accounts and Google Accounts have combined, I can now sign into both accounts but their relationship only lives until the end of the session or I logout. I log back in I have to ...
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Is there a way to sign into multiple Gmail accounts with the mobile web interface when multiple sign in is enabled?

I have 2 different Google Apps accounts that are now full Google accounts plus a Gmail account. Because of this, I have multiple signin enabled. Because of this, I can only use 1 of the accounts at ...
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How do I change my default account with Google multiple sign-in?

After I enable multiple sign-in, and login to multiple accounts, I see that one of them says "(Default)". How do I change which of the accounts is the default one?
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How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts on the Same PC/Browser?

I have a Gmail address with my employer, a personal Gmail address, and a Gmail address for my personal business. My girfriend also has a Gmail address she uses on the same PC. Currently this requires ...